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More discharge

More discharge through out the day... i previously uploaded a pic so if you could read from there it would be very helpful thankyou guys xxxxxxxxx

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it looks pretty normal to me, if you worried, please see your Dr

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Potentially ovulation time normal discharge?

See a nurse who would explain what is a normal expectation throughout the cycle.

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Thanks guys xo


Personally, I would go to the Sexual Health Clinic, as you don’t know what is said when your boyfriend is in the doctors (not to say that he is not to be trusted) personally, it’s a piece of mind and they run full checks when your there. This is what they deal with primarily, while a GP is various things. I did exactly the same and it’s lucky I did, as my symptoms have been showing for years.... and I didn’t recognise them the signs.

Stressing over this, only makes some problems worse 😊