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Unprotected sex, could I be pregnant? help

hi, my name is casey and I'm concerned about possibly being pegnant.. I'm gonna explain the whole situation now.

I had unprotected sex, . The guy who it was with said that he knew he 100% "pulled out" when I asked him. but two days later I got a yeast infection, which ive nevr had before. This worried me a little bit, so I took it upon myself to research online a little but and I came across reason you can get a yeast infection and one reason was pregnancy, it said yeast infections could be an early sign of pregnancy. But then other places said that you can get a yeast infection rom having sex with a new partner (which is what has happened). I haven't really showed any signs of early pregnancy but my period hasn't been on the same cycle as my mothers, and she started about two days ago. But my sister hasn't started either so I was thinking I might be on the same cycle as her this month. I just need some opinions..

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Hi there caseyroller, your best bet would be a pregnancy test. If you happen to not be on your mother's cycle this month, then wait for when your sister begins hers. If you have yet to begin your cycle, take a test then. Stress also makes your cycle late. Give it a little longer before you decide to take a test


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