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Aspi Poetry

Aspi Poetry

I think aspy's are the most creative people and the most innovative, that spear head innovation and thinking beyond the box. pushing technology beyond sci fi.

Where technology is going I find scary for the future of human kind.

I think only asy's can see or care , where others just consume and live the day.

Am I wrong?

My contribution is writing poems.

Mostly quirky ones , as one would expect from an aspi.

I added a poem to start the blog off but put in comments, now I know better for next time.

so I'll put it here as well.

Inquisitive mind an aspy's brush

Inquisitive mind an aspy's brush,

brushing away sediments of uncertainty,

'Uncertain' does not sit well on aspi's tail.

Tailing at the back jolted by random thoughts,

thoughts regarding the nature of nature,

nature of power, nature of beauty.

beautiful musings and musing on nuances,

nuances of colours changing in the clouds.

Clouds of disaster gathering force,

forcing nations to change patterns of behaviour,

behaviour ingrained by centuries of corruption,

it always starts from the top.

Top of the mop carries most of the slop

so even a drop will contaminate the whole crop

which is que for a flop.

A BIG flop.


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Hi zefil

I enjoyed reading your poem (finally! when I had the chance). It is interesting and expressive. I find encompasses the idea of ASD in an abstract, empathising way. :) (The irony being that apparently some people with ASD struggle to grasp abstract concepts or express themselves using language)

I also apologise profusely that you had to wait so long to get a reply as I have been meaning to tend to this post for ages. Also just want to let you know this site is still pretty new so there are not always people here to comment, but I've a feeling it will grow.

I love writing poetry myself, I must find time to complete it sometime. Have you read the book 'All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome?' (Hope I got that spelt right. I'm not sure about the author either, sorry!) I have a feeling it would be of interest to you. :)

I look forward to your next post. :) Thanks.

Best wishes.

wanderingwallflower xx


We have a cat and we get on like a house on fire. My wife says I am like a cat and my 12 yr old daughter in year 7 wont read or listen to my poems. She says she dosnt like them.

She won't go for a walk with me because I'm boring and I sing and don't care too much what other people think.

Sounds familliar?

I will post another poem tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing. Aknowledgment is pure oxigen.


*'All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome'? (apologies for errors)


Cats are definitely understanding, good friends. What's your cat called?

We have 2.

I'm sorry about your daughter, I don't think it's unfamiliar for girls her age to be this way. It does sound families. Parents and children struggle to relate to one another at the best of times! Because everyone is individual, all minds live alone in their own bodies, I think it can be hard to imagine what other think, or why they think that way.

As for me - my sister and I have (almost) NOTHING in common! She can't possible fathom why I choose to wear some of the things I do! But I don't mind. :)

No problem and I understand exactly what you mean. :) Sometimes all we need is for someone to recognise us.

Take care :) xxxx


Wizard Clog Mini mono 06.04.2013 

A wizard who ate a banana Complained that he got constipation So, the poet who sat in the bar said: Woo... inspire you do contemplation A bard is bombarded with chit chat And some do provide inspiration The bar tender piped in - Yoh! Four eyes Your job is to find correlation Say what? Said the student from Minsk In my country that's called instigation If a wizard can't pass a hot steaming mass He must certainly be put back on probation Gentlemen, gentlemen, don't be so harsh! He's a wizard at... mass computation


Cool! :) Thanks xx