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Hi 👋 my son and I live in Newcastle, England, my son is 4 and has "severe learning difficulties" we have not yet had a diagnosis! However we are pretty sure it's ADHD although no one will actually say! My son is still in nappies he does not speak words only sounds he runs everywhere and will not sit god more than a few seconds he won't stay at an activity for more than a few seconds either he's in a mainstream nursery but has been put in the 2 year old room as he is too disruptive for his own age class, he is due to start reception in September but we don't have a school as yet as I am fighting to get him into a special school, there are so many processes and things to do before we can even visit or apply to one!! Is anybody else having the same problem with a) getting a diagnosis of some sort b) getting appropriate schooling ? I am a lone parent I'm not in the best of health and my son is getting bigger and stronger by the day and I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to control his meltdowns as he becomes violent i.e. Nipping , head butting, scratching and throwing things he also grabs the cats!

I'm at a loose end 🙁

Thanks 🙏

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Sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time. Keep pushing for answers. Have you asked for an Education Health Care Plan for your son (aka EHCP)? Have you contacted your local SENDIAS service? I've had a look on the Newcastle website and this is the link:


I hope you find the support you need. x


Hi 👋 thanks for the reply 😄 we are currently at the stage where they are deciding whether or not he can hav an EHC plan and what will go in it! His case should be going to panel any day now but times ticking away if he's meant to start in September!! X


I'm sorry about what you are dealing with, when it comes to your son's meltdowns. I have something similar- i fi,d it difficult to sit still but have found ways of managing it as an adult! I have learned to concentrate and find that has improved my mood. I believe a lot of Adhd sufferers have very low self esteem and cannot always regulate emotion or mood! Sometimes I am very low....but I find diet can help mood. I wish you lots of patience and luck to get the help you need. I would recommend seeing a child psychologist perhaps? They should be able to give a diagnosis. Please look on the website for adhd called Addiss network. Their number is 020 8952 2800( that's if you want help,in London, U.K).

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Hi I'm in Newcastle too and I think getting stuff done is difficult,my son is 12 I know he has dyslexia because we had him tested private in Australia when we lived over there but as for anything else,I still have no real answers.Apparetly he had a meltdown in his Spanish lesson hiding underneath a desk,I've been told that a statement will take up to 26 weeks but by law as a parent you can request your child's school to do it.Id say as for school apply to one that has a unit and you may have to apply for special needs school with main stream school help getting a IEP in place,most schools now have Senco.Good luck and if you ever fancy a coffee,I'm here.


Hi 👋 thanks for the reply 😃 but what is an IEP? We are currently waiting for an EHC plan which will hopefully say he needs a special school but I'm in limbo at th moment waiting for it.



A IEP is a independent Education Plan I think a EHC plan is similar .Hopefully you will get it soon.


Hi I got the ehc plan for my son and he is starting special school in September! This has been a pain staking process but all has worked out in the end I urge everyone to push as hard as they can and to read up and do research as this helps me loads 🤞👍❤️😊