I do most of my shopping online saves so much time and effort. The only thing is when they get delivered by the time I have got to the front door they have gone and left a note for me to collect the parcel which is another task in itself! Are there any stickers I can put on my front door to say I am disabled but will get to the door? Today I rushed there lost my balance and fell over so now got to go collect it bearing in mind it's plants plus hurt all over from the fall 😟 Thank you Wendy Girl x

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  • Sorry to hear about your fall, hope you're ok now? Have had similar experience and agree a standard sticker would be a good idea - not just about disability though - for example elderly, those with young children, in my case, needing to put dogs in a room away from front door thanks to draconian dangerous dogs law . We have had real differences between companies, with DFD being excellent. Others I'd better not mention barely put the brakes on the van before they zoom off again. Increasingly via text I have been more able to specify a delivery time which helps also emailing those companies used more regularly to reiterate the need for their deliverers to allow sufficient time but doesn't always work 

  • Could you make your own sticker? staples would be able to as well. Or try a local printers that do banners, etc?

    Hope you're feeling better after fall. Hubby fell last week on to his rollator. The wheel badly bruised his back.Good job he's an engineer. With the help of our son it was quickly repaired. Dave's back took a few days longer! Sorry, went off subject on to our difficulties!!!😱😱😱.

    Sending warm wishes 💟

  • I do lots of internet shopping and have many deliveries. I am lucky the delivery guys  all know me and wait or bring it in or put on my walker. I can only suggest  you write a note to go on door saying ‘DISABLED AND SLOW PLEASE WAIT’. Once they realise most are great. Good luck : )

  • Hi Wendy, I do hope you have recovered from your fall!

    I've found a couple of stickers online which should hopefully do the trick:

    When purchasing things online you can often leave a little note at the end of the checkout page which asks for any specific delivery information - it's always worth putting a note in that box telling the driver about your situation.

    I hope that's useful!


  • I have the same problem- if I know a delivery is coming I put a note on the door that I need time to get to the door- my family did not like me putting a note on the door saying I am disabled as they were worried some lout would take advantage of me- usually people text me to say they are coming. I did think of having a camera at the door but that could be vandalised. a friend had a 2 way intercom when people pressed the bell he would reply - he was housebound.lived on his own and was in a wheelchair so feel if he could manage so could I but looking for an intercom takes time- I asked the OT but she did not know about them ! good luck Sylviax

  • I always stick a note on door if expecting a parcel & it works.

  • My regular postman knows to put my monthly mail order prescription in a secure place. In rain he even used a dry place, not the usual.

  • I think when you are ordering it there is a bit for alternative if your not in etc u can try leaving msg for driver or the day ur order is to come tape a note to front door good luck x

  • Hey sorry to hear you took a tumble x. I did start humming 'Welcome To My World' when I read your posting! Like yourself, I'm too buggered to get around a shop...but impatient delivery drivers are often an an issue!

    I did spot a gadget on QVC which looked interesting - a caller alert doorbell which flashes a message that you're on your way. They may well be available elsewhere, but the great thing about QVC is that you can buy and try and send back if it doesn't suit (with other places, you're stuck with it once you've opened the box!) I cannot attest to its effectiveness at the moment but it's on my list for when I have money left at the end of the month!

    ...and will just have to hope I can get to the door in time when it's delivered! :-)

    Take care, love!

    Best wishes to you all!

    Diz x

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