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H its Steve, I am hoping to buy a lever drive propulsion system for the manual wheelchair. The one I am looking at is called nudrive, its available from a company in Wiltshire called Gleve Mobility. Unfortunately it is very expensive, so before I apply for an equipment grant I would like to see one and try one. I live in Manchester but am willing to travel anywhere around the North West. If anybody has any clues for me please will you let me know.

Thank you.

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  • There is a company that sells wheelchairs for outdoor and woods. Like a wheelchair dirt-bike. They use the same lever action as the nu-drive. They are also very expensive but they have a system where you can hire one for a short time to try it out. This might be something for you to try out the lever action. Below are their details:

    Mountain Trike

    The All Terrain Wheelchair Company

    The Mountain Trike CompanyWybunbury RoadWalghertonCheshireCW5 7NGUnited Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0) 1270 842616

    Sales and Hire requests

    Call Lucy on +44 (0) 7568 110006

    You could also contact the people of the mobility road-show. They might know of something.

    Once you have this nu-drive I hope to hear from you if it is indeed easier to move forward with levers on a manual wheelchair than pushing the wheels.

  • Thanks this is of help.

  • I bought some nudrive levers but couldn't get on with them, got them from Murrays Pharmacy in Ireland for a much lower cost than the new updated version. the company that made them went under and a Danish company bought them out, tidied up the design and now sell for 4 times the price.

    You need good upper body strength and to be aware that they only help going forwards, take a look at the youtube videos on the 'how to' for each of the skills.

    Hope this helps

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