Ataxia fundraiser

Really enjoyed the event, wasn't a great turn out, but still managed to raise £300. That was including some money I had been donated from people. Well worth being tired sorting things out Friday night then event on Saturday and of course a very lazy day followed on Sunday. I can't thank family and friends enough for all there help. Couldn't have done it with out them. :)

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  • Well done:-) I'm sure everyone involved enjoyed the get-together 😊xB

  • Well done you! £300 is very good amount of money to raise on your own. Hope you have recovered by now! Heather

  • YES we all enjoyed it, would have been better if more people attended but I found out that in town there were a lot of different things going on for families Halloween stuff on as well. Never mind, still made some money that's all that matters


  • Hi, Sorry I missed your intial post about your fundraising. I did a 5k in May to raise money for ataxia. its tough doing it on your own I raised £250.00 so massive congrats on the £300 :) let me know if you have any plans in the future Im over in Wakefield xx

  • Hi Toni. Well done to you on raising your money for ataxia too, If I do any thing in the future, it will be hiring a couple of tables at some one else's event. It will be easier to do I think. I really couldn't have done it on

    my own, there was a lot to do.

    Marion x

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