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Cerebellar Ataxia

I initially had a head tremor for which my neurologist referred me for botulinum toxin injections in the neck. Although this helped with the tremor, I experienced very painful side effects.

I now have leg tremors which affect me when I am standing. When I queried this with my neurologist he said it was probably a rogue gene. Does anyone else experience a similar tremor?

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Hi 😊

Some people have seen a chiropractor and found treatment helpful.

Non conventional medicine such as acupuncture might help.

It very much depends on the individual, sometimes you just have to try it yourself.

Botox is used for Dystonia ( neck tremor) but I haven't heard of it being used for other tremors. 😊xB

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Hi Winch

If the pain is physical look for a physical response. Certainly body workers may provide you with some relief and hopefully the right exercises to make a difference.

Have a look at for some thoughts and ideas.


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I have inherited Cerebellar Ataxia and Torticollis (dystonia in neck). It turns left of it's own accord and shakes, as I understand the neck muscles are under/over-working. Having had various MRis many years ago, my neurologist recommended Botox injections. I have five injections in head/neck and have been having the injections since 2008. It helps tremendously (although it isn't instantanious), as it stops my head turning of its own accord, thus enabling me to do normal things that we all take for granted.

I do shake a lot in head and upper torso but I haven't experienced any other tremors. Maybe something else can be recommended for you, as we're all different? What suits one, doesn't always suit another.

Maybe something else is going on, as your neurologist thinks? Would a blood test reveal this? I think that progressive ataxia can reveal other issues along the line.

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