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Docs appointment

Hi all, I finally had my doc's appointment. She asked my how the 'tremors' were and so I asked her for a pen and piece of paper and tried to sign my name. She had never seen anything like that before and her immediate reaction was to refer me to a neurologist. I'm now kicking myself....why didn't I show her before instead of trying to describe it??? Oh well, at least things are moving forward at last.

The only trouble is I could be waiting months for an appointment. Can anyone tell me the average waiting time?

Enjoying the sun, it hasn't half lifted my mood, happy days!!

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Again, another example of GPs ´ ignorance - you can´t blame them though



My first visit too a neurologist was diagnosed with Parkinson's and was given medication Azilcet for 3 months with no improvement, i asked for a 2nd opinion and she diagnosed with Ataxia, very similar i dont think they can be very sure


That's interesting, my Grandmother had Parkinson's and I'm wondering whether it actually was that or Ataxia. She also had RA which I've got now....


At least you have started the process. I didn't get diagnosed for FIFTY years... It was only when my physiotherapist told me what to say to my doctor that I was referred.

If you haven't heard about an appointment after a few weeks then go back to your doctor. It's your health so don't feel embarrassed by chasing this.

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