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Children with asthma

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My daughter was diagnosed with asthma and had her first symptoms age 3. She’s been in hospital multiple times with attacks but only ever been kept in once. She’s on regular medication, preventer and reliever when symptomatic.

Any parents with children with asthma constantly anxious? I am so paranoid when she gets symptoms and just so worried she will end up in hospital again. The last time was 17th December and she’s still recovering and I’m just so paranoid she will go back :(

I really hope this gets easier.

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I'm so sorry, this sounds so hard. There are a lot of posts on this topic in the archives that may give you some good info.

As a person with severe asthma who has had it since I was little, I can say you're doing great and continuing to be hypervigilant and sticking to a good asthma action plan and educating her on that as she gets older are all great things you can do.

Hoping you find some good support.

Yes totally agree. Not sure what age your daughter is now, my son is coming up 7 and has had a couple of hospital stays (one very serious) and numerous GP visits. So not as bad as some kids with asthma, but I do find it very anxiety-making when he seems like something is brewing. HOWEVER, to be positive, it does seem to be improving as he gets older/ bigger, which a lot of people said it would. So I try to reassure myself by saying 'last winter he only had however many issues, hopefully this winter it will be a bit less, next winter a bit less again'. Like people say, do search the old posts, keep following the asthma plan, and do keep going back to GP/ practice nurse. I also found a phone call with the Asthma UK nurse really helpful. Things for my son have improved massively with Montelukast and, as I say, I think also just getting older. Hope things settle down for you.

Just to add again, not sure if this helps you or not - you mention about worrying about ending up in hospital again. Personally, when my son has been in hospital (after the initial panicky arrival the first time, when we had no idea he had asthma and he suddenly got very ill and needed a blue light ambulance), I have felt much LESS stressed, as I know he has all the support and care near by. So if I start worrying about ending up there, I just remind myself that I felt very 'safe' when we were actually there in the past.

Thank you all. Yeah I need to think more about the positives as we have a great plan in place and a great local A&E who Know her and always sort her out… it’s just so sad we have to go through this but I know it’s super common. She’s 8 years old and tbh she hasn’t had an attack for over 2 years so thought she was growing out of it. So I guess we are lucky in that sense it’s not so regular but then also the kids haven’t been around kids as much due to Covid.

I’ll take a look back through the archives

And just to know I’m not alone massively helps. Thank you xx

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