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📢 Become a patient rep to the Taskforce for Lung Health!

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Hi everyone!

The Taskforce for Lung Health (which Asthma UK are a member of) are looking to recruit additional patient and carer representatives to join our ranks and help us ensure our work is shaped by people with lung conditions.

We are looking for applications from people based in England who live with *any and all* lung conditions, or people who care for someone with a lung condition, who would like to share their story and experiences, and are passionate about changing the future of lung health.

The commitments are flexible and health dependent, and you'll join a lovely team of patient reps, like Kimberlee above.

You can find out more and apply here before the 31 January 2022: blf.org.uk/taskforce/become...

If you have any questions ask away or email me cowen@auk-blf.org.uk 😊

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