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steroids and an upcoming operation

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hi everyone. ive been avoiding taking standby steroids due to the no sleep side effects… but i feel now i don’t have much choice …. just one concern … i’m having an operation to remove a cancer from my shin (by local anaesthetic ) on the 26th jan . is it still ok to start the course . ?

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Oh really wouldn’t like to say. Strongly suggest you speak to hospital team to take their advice. Probably because local anaesthetic you will be ok. And also be better that you feeling less ill so agin could be worth taking. Is only (probably) 5 day course so still a little time before op. BUT I really think is important to get medical advice on this. Usually I recommend speaking to pharmacist about meds but in this case I think you should speak to hospital team because they are best placed to advise you.

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Nanny1086 in reply to Bevvy

thankyou Bevvy . to be safe … i’ll give the nurse a ring in the morning . thanks again . 🎈

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Poobah in reply to Nanny1086

I agree with Bevvy. Hope your op goes well and you make a swift recovery.

Definitely consult with the surgeon and anesthesiologist asap. I had surgery a few years ago during a prednisone course and they were very on top of monitoring exactly how much pred I was taking and when etc.

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Nanny1086 in reply to hilary39

hi . thankyou i have sent an email to the consultant to make him aware .

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