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I have received a PCR priority test kit through the post. I have used the kit how do I get it replaced 119 said it’s not through them

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Priority PCR test kit

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Have you tried looking on the UK GOV website as you may find the information on it?

Are you symptomatic for Covid? You should only be using it if you believe you have Covid. No idea how to get replacements.

I received one also, it’s the new scheme to make sure vulnerable people get drug therapy quickly. I got an email first.

Someone else did a post, here


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Bevvy in reply to Hanne62

Yes I also got one. But pack is only to be used if person has symptoms of Covid. That way if they do person will receive medications as person at high risk.Just unsure from post if person has used pack when not symptomatic….

Also no idea where replacement pack would come from.

I think you get a replacement through test and trace. I’m not sure if it is automatic when you report your result

I was advised to take the test by GP I had a chest infection and was suffering with my asthma so Symptoms covid like. I haven’t received the result back so had to report to track & trace and they are looking into it. I have taken lateral flow tests for the last couple of days and they come back negative 🤞Also having trouble getting in touch with my GP I will try again today🤞🤞🤞

I have just found this on the .gov site.

If you use your test, NHS Test & Trace will send you a replacement.

This is for us vulnerable only.

I do hope you're well and yours comes back negative.

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MikeMaxi in reply to Blue-Breeze

Track and trace will replace a PCR test but they told me that’s not a priority test kit just a standard PCR test

I am high risk and received the same email. I’m away for Christmas and became unwell, so I didn’t use the postal PCR as I’m not at home. I got a PCR test from a testing centre on the 24th (because there is no post at Christmas) and received a positive result the following day and a follow up email saying I would be contacted to discuss suitability for treatments in the next 24 hours. A doctor called me from the COVID Medicines Deliver Unit (CDMU) on the 26th and offered me the infusion treatment, which I had on the 27th. They said they are cross matching the priority tests and patients via NHS number, so it doesn’t seem to matter if you do a postal PCR test or a test centre PCR test, as long as you tell them your NHS number.

Aww sorry you have covid, I hope the treatment works and side affects mot too bad? Would be interested to hear more. Also yes on original email it states you must provide nhs number and correct address for them to identify you and send another pcr test.

I had a sotrovimab infusion at a community hospital (so you turn up, have the drip and go home again). The alternative treatment is some tablets which they courier to your house. Regardless of which one you have, they follow up with you to check you are improving. I haven’t had any side effects from the treatment and it seemed to kick in fairly quickly. The key thing is you need to have it early (within 5 days of testing positive) and that they are only offering it to high risk people outside of hospital so if you are too unwell to be at home and need to be admitted to hospital, you probably won’t be offered it. You can read more about the treatments including PIL about the medication on the NHS website here: nhs.uk/conditions/coronavir...

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Blue-Breeze in reply to MikeMaxi

Sorry just seen your reply. Then that makes no sense?

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