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Upset With Local Hospital

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I would like to thank all the staff at The Northern General Hospital Sheffield for caring for me for a 3 week stay in Hospital.

I am upset with my Local Hospital who have been treating me for asthma for the last 2 years. On a number of occations I have been admitted and discharged from their care with Cheat Pains and SOB. on most occations I have complained that I am getting pains down both arms and not able to use my hands, but the Doctors said that nothing was wrong.

O how wrong they have been. I attended Sheffield Hospital for a routing bone scan and during the scan I passed out and found myself looking at the roof in the A&E department. To cut a long story short after a number of Tests [ X Ray MRI .CT. Bloods etc.] it was found that not only did I have a collapsed lung and phneumonia but that I have a problem with my vertibrae and both cortoid arteries blocked which the medics have found that I have had more than one life threatening stroke.

I now do not trust my local hospital and if taken in again I will a request for Sheffield to take on my case and be transfered even if I have to pay at least they got to he bottom of my problems.

I hope nobody has had such a problem.and I will carry on in my usual happy self and think there is always someone worse of than me.

An old freind of mine said you have to play the cards that you have been dealt.

Many Thanks To All At NGH Sheffield

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Worth a formal letter of complaint to your local hospital surely. It may force those responsible to pay more attention in future, if not with you because you have gone elsewhere then certainly with other patients.

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Wheesy in reply to MaggieHP

Many thanks for the good advise

So sorry about your experience at your local hospital. A report will be sent to your GP from NGH Sheffield. Perhaps have a word with him/her about any possible future hospital needs.

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Wheesy in reply to CDPO16

What a good idea. When I feel better or perhaps my very caring family will take it up and also contact PALS. Many Thanks to all for reading and hope that it does not occur with other patients

Oh my goodness Wheesy!! An experience no one would wish on their worst enemy and I'm relieved that NGH Sheffield got to the bottom of everything and treated you accordingly. Hope a full recovery is on the cards.

But nothing surprises me anymore. I won't bore you, but ignoring symptoms that indicate a serious issue is too common. I can think of 3 different occasions in my life when it's taken an enlightened doctor to recognise red flags that others have repeatedly ignored. It taught me to be more "I'm not going anywhere until you..." Unsafe discharges happen all the time and driven by resource pressures and weary staff, but unless we give feedback to PALS nothing will change.

We definitely do ourselves a favour to be well informed about our conditions and not be afraid to be assertive (I channel Margo Ledbetter when necessary). All the very best Wheesy and definitely talk things through with your GP - they need to know what your expectations are going forward.

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Wheesy in reply to Poobah

Thanks for your concern and well wishes. I will certainly be taking things further it is bad enough for us to live with Asthma but to be informed years later that you have been having strokes only adds to our daily life. But I wont let the world get me down {MONTE PYTHON} always look on the bright side of life

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Wheesy in reply to Wheesy

Also sad that you have had similar problems but if they used diagnostic skills it would not cost only the NHS but also the country finacially if these problems were dealt with earlier instead of like me after a very active life 6 years ago to be reliant on others to help me.

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Poobah in reply to Wheesy

Totally agree! And you can never be too Python.

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MaggieHP in reply to Poobah

I’m so glad someone else channels Margo Ledbetter when the need arises😀.

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Wheesy in reply to MaggieHP

At least we can make a good thing out of the bad

After been told I had asthma and 6 years later my asthma diagnosis Been questioned consultant in hospital in pulmonary clinic told me in it all in my head and hinting I was mad. After I gave him a dirty look he then said he was not saying that about me.and quickly said he sent me for tests and he put me breathing tablets and combination inhaler. Just because my breathing sounded ok to him.and I had a recording of my chronic cough which rudely said out loud was over my stomach. Pig of a doctor

We all know our own body and they should listen to what you are saying and that you do not conform to theur TICK BOX system. I told one consultant to hold his breath until I said stop. He was very quick to agree that it was not in my head and it is terrible if you cant breath no matter why it is caused. It does need urgent treatments

Just because X-rays come back clear and when doctors check are breathing and than sounds clear it doesn’t mean we are looking for notice. we know are bodies when we are bad and leaving it for a good while. and we are not getting better by ourselves.then we look for help. And we get the bull shit well your chest sounds fine fine but we cannot breathe

I had exactly the same experience years ago. I was told I knew what 'triggered ' a asthma attack and I induced the symptoms. I did not have asthma.

Yeah is terrible

Glad to hear now you have you now have some closure on what has been going on stay safe and take care wheesy.xx

So sorry to hear about the terrible time you've had my advice is to complain in writing to the director of the hospital go to the organ grinder not the monkey. It makes me so very sad its come to this in the NHS now. Im a retired nurse and was always told listen to patients.. Its all gone!! Machinery and computers have taken over. I have waited for an appointment since May and have just received a letter to say I'm not priority due to covid and against my principles and belief in the NHS my sister is paying for me to go private. Best wishes to you my friend look after you. x

Thanks for the reply My Mum was a sister tutor and would swim to shore {intered in the north sea] if she was practising today. I will contact the director of the hospital and see what they have to say. I think everyone on this valuable forum agree with your valuable response All the best also to you and all on this forum

Thanks To All


My word, I can’t believe that you are so lucky. Hope you can now start to get better with the correct treatment, take care.

I feel that now I am being cared for by a much more caring team from the car park staff up to and beyond Specialist teams much better Thanks for your concerns

I would copy your post above and send to PALS and a copy to your local hospital. Outrageous. Very glad Sheffield sorted you out. P

I have already stared putting the wheels in action with PALS and the HOSPITAL in question if anyone has any more suggestions they will be most appreciated.Thanks for your reply

Some of the replies suggest that I copy these comments and forward them to PALS Etc. but I am not sure as to he legal requirements when using these reply which have been most valuable to me and my family. It is good to know that people do care about others and their well-being Thanks to All

Keep Safety

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