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New to Fostair

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I was just wanting to hear some Fostair experiences people have had/are having, and how well they are finding the inhaler? Obviously i know everyone is different, but i am just looking to hear some stories (good or bad) so i can get an idea of what i could expect etc :)

I have just been changed from the inhalers i have been on for 10+ years (Serevent and Beclomethasone) to Fostair 100/6.

My Asthma has always been pretty well controlled until this year, where I've been more chesty, using my preventer too often, and had a few courses of Prednisolone due to my asthma being uncontrolled.

I am quite anxious to try new inhalers due to my old ones working so well for so long, and after being quite ill last month, i am dreading having a dip again as it was awful feeling like i cant breathe. I have tried a couple of combination inhalers in the past and found they haven't worked well, and I'm worried the new inhaler (Fostair) wont work either.

Thank you!! :)

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***Oh, i meant using my reliver inhaler too often, not preventer

Hello, I’ve been on fostair for a while now, and I like it, but, you don’t say if you have a spacer device, as fostair is very fine powder, and I was told to use the spacer, in order not to irritate my throat. But, on saying that, my son doesn’t have a spacer and he says he’s fine. Just always remember to rinse your mouth out after it, in order to reduce irritation. All you can do is try it for a bit and see how you are feeling with it. Take care and stay safe and well as you can.

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micajay89 in reply to Jinnty89

Hi! Thank you for your reply! My Asthma nurse gave me a spacer to use with it, although some conflicting advice on how to take it with a spacer. My old spacer (Volumatic old-school one) i used to have to breathe in and out 5-10 times per puff of inhaler, and the asthma nurse told me to do breathe in and out 5 times per puff on the new spacer with Fostair, although i have read just one slow deep breath per puff of inhaler is all i should do?

I’ve been on fostair for a few years now and it was the best thing for me, just remember to take it with a spacer and rinse after. I always take it just before I brush my teeth otherwise I forget to rinse as it can irritate the throat.

I've previously been on Serevent and Symbicort but have to say that Fostair is much more successful in keeping my symptoms controlled. I still get flare ups if I get a virus, but day to day things are better.

And any change of inhaler can take about 8 weeks to feel the full benefits as the new steroid has to build up, but I have to say that I felt better quite quickly, probably testament as to how ineffective Symbicort was for me.

It's only by trying out a medication that you'll know if it suits you and giving it at least 8 weeks try out is ideal, with a follow up chat with your asthma nurse or doctor in order to review your progress or need to tweak the dose or try another treatment. Good luck.

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micajay89 in reply to Poobah

Hi, that's great it worked for you! I will give it some time and see how i find it, i have another review with my Asthma nurse in 4 weeks to see how i am getting on, so will hopefully know more by then if its starting to benefit me. Thank you :)

Thank you all for your advice :)

Hi, I will give you positive and possible negative. Fostair 100/6 has controlled my asthma very well. I never wake now during the night unable to breathe. I rarely use my ventolin now, except prior to exercise. Make sure to use a spacer, breathe out first, then one long breath in, hold for a few moments then make sure you rinse. Actually your former multi breath approach is OK too. The possible negative? Since last October I wake most nights with hot and uncomfortable legs. My GP diagnosed restless leg syndrome and prescribed an addictive and off licence benzodiazapine which I use sparingly to avoid addiction. But at least I get a good sleep perhaps twice a week which is the only time I take it. I suspect Fostair side effect is the real cause. Why? I previously tried flutiform for a year and had terrible joint problems and leg swelling. Both flutiform and fostair use the same long acting reliever. Few medications are all positive, so I balance the benefits of fostair with what I believe is a side effect. Joint and muscle problems are a recognised side effect of fostair but of course do not affect everyone. . But I much prefer being able to breathe - almost normally!

Hi, if it doesn't suit you can always change back to your original inhalers like I did. We all are individual and anything worth a shot to make us well. Fostair was a no go for me worked at first but as the months went on made me quite poorly but to be honest I think they prescribed too much. Up to 12 puffs 200/6.daily with no venolin. I rang this site and can't thank them enough they helped me immensely. I went back to original inhalers. Definitely a spacer and rinse mouth well and I hope it works for you.

I’ve been using fostair for a couple of years. I started with the aerosol inhaler but in my opinion, they were very cheaply made and had a tendency to block up and not deliver the dose properly. Twice I sent faulty devices back to the company and they told me they couldn’t find anything wrong with them.

However, despite issues with the actual delivery method, the medication itself suits me well, so I moved on to the powder version which suits me much better and at least with the powder I can feel it so I know it’s delivering the dose properly.

All in all quite happy with it.

Like you I had found all combination inhalers did not work, in fact made my asthma worse. But then I had a patch of out of control asthma and i was put on the higher dose Fostair which has suited me. The downside for me has been the high dose of steroid which leaves me with thinner skin and bruising. The up side no exacerbations....that is until I tried to reduce the steroid dose with consultants okay and then the trouble started all over again and it's taking some time to get back to normal.I would switch if i were you, and as you are on the lower dose you can use the MART regime .

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Jinnty89 in reply to stones93

Hello, I’ve just read the bit where you said about bruising and I didn’t realise it could do that. I have been getting a lot more bruising, most without a reason, but now reading what you say about fostair, I now probably have a reason for mine now. I’m deeply sorry that you have this side effect, but as they say, sometimes someone’s irritation, is someone else’s clarity . So, please take care, and thank you for giving me my question of why.

Hello ,I have also just been changed to Fostair a week ago. Went out yesterday in the cold and couldn't stop coughing! I suppose it's because the steroid hasn't built up yet. I was thinking I want my Seretide back! I was prescribed Fostair Next, which is a fine powder, 1 puff morning and night. She did say I could increase to 2 puffs so might do that. I do think it's hard for your body to change as I had Seretide for over 30 years. Will give it a good trial though, can still take Ventolin if needed which it is at moment.

Also, if anyone on here knows how many puffs of Fostair Next would be equivalent to Seretide 125, 4 times daily? I cannot find the answer online. Just wonder if I'm taking a lot less preventer now with changing to Fostair. Thanks.

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Poobah in reply to alnew45

This is a link to show comparative doses in terms of low, medium and high. Both Seretide and Fostair are included. northeast.devonformularygui...

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alnew45 in reply to Poobah

Thanks very much for taking the trouble to look for that for me. It's very helpful, thanks. It's hard to know if you're getting more or less medication when you're changed to a different one!

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Poobah in reply to alnew45

Exactly! I went from Symbicort 200/6 to Fostair 100/6 and it definitely wasn't potent enough. Fortunately at my review it was agreed to step up to Fostair 200/6 and it suits me very well. Hope Fostair works well for you.

Hi micajay89. I was changed to fostairnexthaler at least 5 years ago and I’ve been so much better on it than my previous inhalers. The only downsides are I can get a sore throat and thrush so remember to wash your mouth and gargle after use and I get lots of bruising on my limbs. Hope it works for you. Xx

Hi, I have been on Fostair for for nearly 2 years and my asthma has got better, taking 2 puffs every morning and 2 puffs in the evening. I am not so out of breath now.

I was just in the hospital for a hysterectomy and they didn’t have the two maintenance inhalers I am on, so they gave me Fostair and I was told to take Salbutamol with it like I do with my two regular maintenance. No problems. It was ok.

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences with Fostair :)! It's been almost a week now, and is going well so far!

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