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Should I contact gp

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Hi all. I contacted 111 over the weekend as my asthma went completely out of whack. My pf went down to 150. Personal best 500 plus. Got up to 300 after 8 puffs. I had already had 12 during the day. All the usual asthma symptoms. Eventually got a call pack from urgent care doc prescribed five days prednisilone. Which I picked up that evening as he wanted me to start them. I take my last dose tomorrow. I’ve improved pf is 350 to 380 in the morning . Gets a bit higher during the day if I’m stationary. I’m still wheezing when I’m doing anything. So the pred has helped a bit. But still can’t do anything without breathless, wheeze etc. Should I contact gp or leave it longer. I’m averaging steroids every four or five weeks. I’m under the care of difficult asthma clinic but next appointments not till mid dec. I’m so frustrated and fed up. Haven’t had a shower for days as I know I will get too breathless. What do you think I should do. Sorry long rambling post.

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Yes if you're not right you need to contact them today. Sounds like you need more steroids continuing would be better than waiting for it to get worse again and having to start again from a worse position.

Yes, I think it best to contact the doctor. Often you need to gradually stop prednisilone depending on how low a dose you are on. As you are still not well and have completed the five days, I would definitely see the doctor or ring the urgent care doctor again.

Totally agree with Twinkly, contact your GP today. Take care.

Hi Dizzy, sorry to hear you're struggling!

Sorry too if you know this already but I was told by my consultant that if I'm ever in the position where I'm using more than ten puffs of blue close together then you should probably be going to A and E/ call an ambulance.

Definitely keep in touch with GP and good idea to contact your asthma team as they may be able to see you sooner?

Hioe you feel better soon

Yes, definitely. Please don't struggle onWhen I had issues a few weeks ago I filled in the practice's E-Consult system (because it was nigh on impossible to get through and the place looks like the Marie Celeste). Within 2 hours a doctor rang, asked me a couple of questions then asked me to go in straight away. I felt so relieved to have a stethoscope on my front & back.

Can only agree with the above comments.

Your surgery may look deserted but everyone is there, so if you contact them, they will respond.

We have the electronic request for appointments and it works very well. A doctor once rang me five minutes after submitting a pro forma (a heart related problem) but usually we hear back within 20 minutes - two hours. If really unwell with asthma, that's a long time!).

All requests for appointments are triaged by a doctor (not as often is the case by phone, receptionists) and I am sure you'll receive a call soon from them. Just keep a phone or stay by a landline so you don't have to rush when they call.

Please contact them and let us know how you get on.

If you feel your breathing has gone down further, please consider calling for an ambulance.

Wishing you better.

Hi dizzy. Sorry you are unwell. Tbh I usually find that 5 days pred isn’t enough. For me a longer course is needed to regain some sort of control. Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi Dizzy412, by coincidence I ended up on the phone to out of hours doctor over the weekend!! Just could NOT breathe, really wheezy and vomiting due to constant coughing. Should point out I also have Bronchiectasis. After some antibiotics my chest is still clogged up so I am carrying on with low dose Pred for another week to try and sort it. Getting hold of a GP here is really difficult and the poor out of hours doc was the only one on duty covering three counties in north Wales😳. He did say he was concerned at the number of respiratory bugs doing the rounds!!!! Hope you feel better soon, take care.

Spoke to GP TODAY. ANOTHER COURSE OF STEROIDS which I need to pick up later. They’ve also booked me an appointment with my own gp as I may need something g to protect my bones due to all the steroids.

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis about four years ago, which in my case was brought on by combination of early menopause and long term Pred usage. I tried some tablets as treatment first, then a 6 monthly injection, but have now switched to a once a year IV infusion treatment which I sailed through without any issues and suits me best. It is very reassuring to know that my bones are protected and I'm not quite so paranoid about falling over😉. Despite GP shortages and other NHS failings here, we actually have an excellent and well equipped osteoporosis unit at my small local hospital, 4 miles away. Take care.

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twinkly29 in reply to Dizzy412

Good that it's all in hand - especially the bone protection (ususally calcium tablets and/or another kind of tablet). Much better to be proactive than to get osteoporosis because of the steroids.

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