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Can I take Fostair100/6 the day of operation when being given general anaesthetic.

I have not been diagnosed asthmatic but with copd.

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My vague memory of having read it somewhere is no....but the info leaflet with the Fostair will tell you. Or Google it if you haven't got a leaflet. But the best thing to do would be to ask your GP or phone the department doing your surgery if you have a number for them.

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Dashster in reply to twinkly29

Rang and am awaiting reply Just got call its seems I just take as normal,Thank You for reply

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twinkly29 in reply to Dashster

Ah glad you know! I wish they'd just automatically clarify stuff like that before procedures and tests, it would make it so much easier!

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Clarification would be good as on the forms I had to fill in all medication was listed.However I should have thought to ask earlier myself as op. is tomorrow

I’m taking Fostair 200/6 and was told to continue taking all of my asthma medication as normal when I had my op

That`s reassuring to know thank you for taking time to reply.

No problem 👍🏻

I seem to remember that the leaflet with the inhaler says you should stop 24 hours or something before surgery and discuss with the anaesthetist. However last time I had surgery I mentioned this to the anaesthetist and she had no knowledge of it so we carried on as normal.

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Dashster in reply to stones93

Checked leaflet couldn`t see any mention of anaesthetic. Have now spoken to nurse at hospital who said carry on as normal.Thank you for taking time to reply

Hi, I’ve had several ops and have always carried on my meds as normal. Don’t forget to take them with you! Good luck.

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Dashster in reply to Dpotter

Many thanks for reply

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