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Coughing constantly

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I get these attacks last weeks of a constant horrid cough which seems to be from bottom of breastbone. Not a throaty cough it is mostly mucous but some days dryer. Over the years had cts, nausea recent cxrs too many really. Only show a hiatus hernia which I am told is small.

Can my asthma present like this. Does anyone else get the feeling they need to cough, especially on breathing in. It lasts ages and then slowly goes. Puffers don't help. Can't get to see Dr.

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Asthma can cause coughing as a symptom but not all coughing is caused by asthma. Asthma symptoms don't tend to present on breathing in and although mucus cab increase during a flare, asthma coughs are typically dry so if yours is predominantly wet it's possible it's caused by something else. Acid reflux/silent reflux/GERD can all cause coughing, as can post nasal drip. And hiatus hernia as well.

This is a thorough article on coughs which may help you decide whether or not to insist on a GP appointment.

One thing I would add, if you're on any medications do check the patient leaflet for side effects, just in case the cough is caused by something you're already taking. I was on a blood pressure med and it was my asthma consultant who realised that my new cough was caused by the BP pills. Changed meds and cough went.

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djbctla in reply to Poobah

Thank you for all your replies. I had a constant cough which, as bourne 62 says is embarrassing when in public. I play outdoor bowling and always explain the reason I cough to players from other clubs. Life enhancing advice was given on health unlocked. Gargle with mouthwash and then swallow a tiny fresh amount to clear airways after using my power inhaler. That problem cleared up. Unfortunately allergens still cause problems, I use Ventolin and always have a foxes mint in my pocket. Should I use more Ventolin reliever instead of a mint sweet. I have been reading Medical News today Poobah suggested very informative. Bernardine

Gastric reflux?

I get asthma mainly as a bad cough, which is much worse at night. A course of oral steroids normally clears it up when it gets really bad (normally after I have had a cold or similar). So if you think it is asthma do insist on talking to your GP.

My wife has had asthma since birth & a constant cough for years & years. She has been on steroids probably 4-5 times a year, before she was referred to Brompton Hospital. They tried all the usual reflux/GERD & post nasal drip before they discovered that she has a hyper sensitive larynx. They put her on Relvar elypter which had some success for a while, but she started coughing again. They put her on Budesimide nebulizer twice a day which helped for about 5 months, but she is back to square one again. Since the Covid outbreak she doesn't go out unless it's for hospital appointments, where they assume she has covid & takes a lot of explaining. I hope you find something that works, there is nothing more tiring than coughing all the time.

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bourne62 in reply to Jackwabbit

Thank you so much. So hard to get medical help. I am coughing all the time except when asleep. I too have not been out. Seems so unfair. My ribs ache it is so awful. You are a good Husband

Hi. I too have constant cough with a lot of mucus. Dr sent me for a ct scan which shows I have Bronchiectasis.

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bourne62 in reply to Jo2006

Thank you. Awful to cough at this time people glare at you. Are you better now.

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Jo2006 in reply to bourne62

Unfortunately I still cough. The consultant this week said she is going to try me on Oramorph which has good results for persistent coughing. So 🤞🤞

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djbctla in reply to Jo2006

Same here.

This sounds like me! Do you have rhinitis? This is what is causing my cough, i don’t cough at night either. I have a post nasa drip throughout the day, it’s horrible! Every time I laugh I cough too!!I am seeing an ent on Monday so shall report back!

A spasmodic cough might indicate cough variant asthma. That type of cough would probably be drier though. Do you take an ACE inhibitor for blood pressure? That type of medication does have cough as a side effect. Best to get in to see your doctor if you can. Good luck, Bourne 62! Feel better soon.

HiMy cough is similar to this. It started during an exacerbation and when my meds were being changed. I think it maybe the Spiriva. I’ve stopped taking it for a couple of days, prior to a spirometry test I had yesterday and the cough has improved 🤔.

My point is I suppose, could your cough be related to something you’re taking?

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