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Vaccine, long covid, uncontrolled asthma

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Hi all

Considering myself incredibly to have my first shot of the covid vaccination tomorrow!

But...I am incredibly nervous. I wondered if anyone else has had their jab already who is suffering from long covid or uncontrolled asthma?

Given I am suffering from both (the long covid affecting my asthma and heart rate) I feel pretty ropey already - so the prospect of feeling worse is making me really anxious. I spoke to my doc yesterday and she thankfully still said to go ahead with the vaccine.

So I’m naturally still having my jab as I know how important this is! But wondered if anyone has positive experience in similar still my overactive mind!!

Thanks in advance x

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Yes to jab with uncontrolled asthma - many many group 4 people will be in that boat I think. The jab doesn't worsen asthma issues as a general thing (or rather if it did then we wouldn't be allowed it). I had no issues having it on a personal just had jab level. Some people may feel they do but any issues should be mild. Of course make sure you've got your usual rescue meds and they will keep an eye on you so you don't leave if you're not feeling right.

Post covid jab I'm not sure about. Some people seem to have had more effects from the jab if they've had covid, but then others haven't at all - similarly to non-post-covid reactions being random too.

So that's not helpful either 😅

But...I hope it goes smoothly and you don't have any further unwanted effects as you seem to have plenty!

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Bmco in reply to twinkly29

That’s all helpful and also reassuring - I guess it will be what it will be. It’s all done at the doctors for me so best place to be!Take care

Hi, yes to both if you've previously had covid you may feel affects down after jab but within a week was fine. Honestly like me your surviving long covid with asthma so no matter the side effects of jab you can do it!!! Just have it god I couldn't cope with another set of long covid on top 😱😱😱 lol. X

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Bmco in reply to mylungshateme

Indeed - no matter how anxious I am about getting sicker for a while, there’s no question of me not having it! Thanks for the response x

I'm in the same situation and have mine booked for tomorrow.

I have seen some surveys in long covid groups that show a range of responses - most people seemed to be ok or just mildly unwell for 1-2 weeks after the jab. Gez Medinger has put a video on utube explaining the survey and how the data was processed - he's worth following for a sensible roundup on lots of long covid issues.

At the 2 week mark, some people showed significant improvement of long covid symptoms (15% I think?) only a very small group reported significant worsening of long covid (3.8%) but of course, it isn't necessarily the vaccine that caused it. Most were the same or slightly better.

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Bmco in reply to Glty

Thanks so much for replying - interesting stuff! Good luck for tomorrow too

Morning, am hoping to put you at ease a little... I have ME and currently uncontrolled asthma (its being a proper diva!) I have been vaccinated and am steady. As am already v unwell at the moment I was waiting to feel much worse and I don’t 😊 No worsening of ME symptoms, no vaccine side effects apart from a slightly sore arm. I appreciate my experience will not be the same as yours, long covid and ME share many health traits and I hope that reading this will help ease your worry a tiny amount. Its hard to manage health worries when everything is such a new unknown. Take lots of care 🌻

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Bmco in reply to Nowheeze2020

Thanks so much for this - it really did help calm me. Jab all done - Pfizer, and it was so efficient and quick! Really sorry to hear you are unwell right now, I really hope this helps and can at least ease some of our worries in these crazy times x

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Nowheeze2020 in reply to Bmco

Am glad its all done. Go steady the next couple of days 😊

Hello Bmco. I had Covid in October and still battling with the long term effects..chest pains, shortnessof breath, fatigue, stomach cramps. I have uncontrolled asthma as well. Mid January l had the Covid vaccine and l didn't have any after effects...just my normal long Covid symptoms. You will be okay.

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Bmco in reply to MissCS

Thanks for this - you know, it’s awful you are experiencing all this too but just reading your note here has put my mind at ease slightly. This long covid cr*p is doing my head in! I never had to manage my asthma before but it’s been crazy for months now, I started suffering from gastritis and my heart rate is rather dramatic too! Have you been referred to a long covid clinic? Good to know about the vaccine after effects not being a problem - I have a niggling headache but to be honest think that is tiredness and coming down from the anxiety 🤦🏼‍♀️. Take care x

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MissCS in reply to Bmco

I have this bloody gastritis as well. I have an appointment with the GP this morning so l will ask about being referred to the Covid clinic. We will fight this. Take care 💕.

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Bmco in reply to MissCS

I saw an urgent care consultant eventually because of the heart and they advised me to take lansoprazole at night and prop myself up - it has made the breathing slightly easier (they think that’s why the asthma has been so uncontrollable). Maybe an option too. Good luck at docs! X

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MissCS in reply to Bmco

Thank you. I am on Omeprazole daily, l take it in the morning. Will take it at night instead and see. Many thanks.

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