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Tips for difficult asthma 😫

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Past few weeks have not been treating me well.

As said in previous post was put on Clarithromycin for really bad infection. However week later after whole course I am still:

- tired

- pale

- breathless

- coughing (affecting my sleep)

- bringing up thick mucous (better colour but not great)

Trying to avoid a hospital trip, doing all my treatments as normal and good airway clearance but I just can’t seem to shift this and I need to be back in lectures plus I’m sooo tired. Only option apparently for treating my asthma is to get referal to proper NHS team to look at MAB treatments :/ but the referal can take up to 3 weeks.

Any tips would be more than welcome.

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If they’re suggesting referral sign up now for it. It took me over 18 months to get appt and then another 3 months to start biologic

Only thing I can say is it takes time. So listen to your body and don’t overdo it. A day off lectures cause dodgy is better than attending, leading to resp failure and intubation/admission for weeks/months. I get it’s frustrating but if you need hosp then you need it. I’m currently on my 4th admission since beginning of November

And infections will take forever to get over (my last viral one took 3 weeks to feel a bit closer to normal... but also reduced tolerance to my triggers which led to the 3 admissions afterwards). That’s normal. If the phlegm’s brings difficult it may be worth asking about carbocisteine if you haven’t already. Otherwise treatment is rest and recovery.

Hope you feel better soon

Thanks that seems really useful.

Guess I’m just in for the long haul 😂


You could get a friend to audio or video tape the lecture and maybe the admin could organise that for you. It would be better to listen at home rather than go out in the cold and wear yourself out or maybe someone could give you their notes.

If you aren't on probiotics yet, then it would be advisable to get some of them. Vitamins A ,C and the mineral zinc are also helpful to boost the immune system during a respiratory infection.

Look after yourself. Don't do too much too quickly. It usually hinders the recovery.

Good idea, just feel guilty as it’s my final year and I want to do them.

Will look into some supplements only think I take rn is iron and B12


Things like flu and chest infections can make asthma worse for a while or asthma symptoms can linger, as well as actually taking time to get other the original problem itself. Often this is a temporary thing (albeit totally unwanted and outstaying its welcome!) so it might not be that way forever - it's just difficult at the moment but in time won't be so. I appreciate that doesn't answer your what to do about question!

You’ve had two great responses and I echo their comments. I’ve said it in here before but what really brought it home to me was something my consultant said. If you cut your arm badly you’d be really careful to avoid knocking it and you’d keep it clean and avoid infection or more damage. Just because you can’t see your lungs doesn’t mean they don’t need the same care. It can take up to 6 weeks for inflammation to settle so be kind to yourself, drink lots and lots of water and take your vitamins too x

Brilliant, guess I’ll just take it really gentle going to have to admit I might need some help atm.

Thanks for your help x

Just reread your previous post about the infection, then this one. If it's helped but not finished clearing it maybe you need another week of the clarithromycin? Sounds like you need to see GP again anyway.

Maybe will look into GP appt tomorrow x

Sounds uncomfortable and very not fun. I agree with all the lovely comments above about getting in for that referral as soon as possible, resting and taking it easy, continuing to take your meds, and trying things like hot steam showers (or steam with a towel over your head over a pot of just-boiled water) to try to bring up the rest of the phlegm. I find magnesium helpful for reducing inflammation. Good luck! Hope you are on the mend soon.

Magnesium is a good idea have heard recommendation of that before, thanks x

Go for the MAB review as it will be thorough and there will still be other options on the table to discuss with the team. Be ready with questions and don't be afraid to ask anything that pops into your head during the appointment.

Get their direct contact details too so that you can ask any questions you may have after appointment.

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