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grant after asthma attack

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i was just in hospital for a week for an asthma attack i got and i need a holiday with my family would i be able to get a grant for it?

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asthmatim in reply to EmmaF91

Hi EmmaF91, I hope that you are well. My doctor love your document and will tell her other clients about it. I saw her yesterday and the need that she gave me was not very good. The latest HRCT scan shows that I also have bronchiectasis. So now I have both brittle asthma type 1 and now this. I can't catch a brake. Thanks for all your help.

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asthmatim in reply to asthmatim

It meant to say news not need. Dam auto spell.

Confused by this question? Your wondering if you can get your holiday paid for because you’ve been in hospital for your asthma?

This is a novel idea -

How about you go to work and earn the money to pay for your holiday ?

This must be a joke. Very funny

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Griffon in reply to Nottobad

You can see the thinking here , we all work so these people think they are entitled by virtue of their existing .

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Nottobad in reply to Griffon

I am on benefits due to poor health and can’t work and I wouldn’t expect someone to pay for my holiday.

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Griffon in reply to Nottobad

Genuine need is different , but the system is terribly abused so we all lose .

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Griffon

I work and am self employed so no work means no money. Without benra I would be on benefits due to my asthma. I am legally classed as disabled and have a blue badge. I have spent years in and out of hospital for days and weeks at a time each trip (a couple times a month). I wouldn’t even dream of asking/expecting this! Even now when I have 6-9 day admissions and need a week+ recovery at home (meaning I loose 2-3 weeks of earnings) I wouldn’t ask for a paid holiday (or money towards one), I’ve never even applied for the benefit/support you can get if you spend over 1 month as an inpatient in a year (which I have have defo done in the last 12 months). This is a ridiculous question imo!

AT 24! You must be joking?

No go and earn it

I had a chest infection that led to a partial collapsed lung... I ended up on 2 lots of antibiotics and about 3 weeks of steroids (1 after the other because they didn't sort me out)..... you know what I did....I went back to work when I wasnt in hospital and got on with it.. if I'm not working I'm not earning

The last thing I want after an attack is the stress of going on a holiday- I honestly couldn’t think of anything worse. I tend to just want to sit on the sofa and rest...


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