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Gerd symptoms after prednisone course

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I finished my last prednisone burst about a month ago and shortly after that started feeling nauseous throughout the day and getting stomach aches- worse when lying down.

Just wondering if these are reflux symptoms caused by prednisone.

if you have asthma and reflux - what are your reflux symptoms and what investigations did you have for reflux?


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Reflux can be a side effect of prednisolone, especially if you’ve had mild reflux previously.

Personally I don’t think mine was from pred directly but caused by omeprazole that I was given as a preventative for reflux 🙄. Also be away that reflux can make asthma symptoms worse!

I get nausea and mild reflux (no heart burn tho), didn’t get any investigations, and I’m now on ranitidine which seems to keep it mostly at bay. I also take enteric coated pred as I’m on it as long term maintenance. If it’s bad I change what and when I’m eating and sleep on a slight slope.

Hope that helps but definitely worth going back to the GP and letting them know!

I had camera down my throat, omeprozole then months later carted off to A&E with the pain to discover I had gallstones. Had the gall bladder out - no probs.

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