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Advise need some

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hi looking for advise I am on sub cut infusion crono pump ,and I been having problems with my stomach with scare tissue can u put subcut eles where than ur stomach. Also I don't know what's wrong with but I ve been suffering from depression its not like me at all. I feel really low does anyone else get drepression. Also ur going to think am mad but I think of death all the the time am not one for self pity.just wanted to know if anyone else thinks like this. As I spoke to my special nurse and she said its more common than I think with chronic lly ill peole I just want to know if anyone has advise or point me the right direction many thanks

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I don't know what a crono pump is, but you need to talk the specialist nurse and ask them or your doctor if it can be used somewhere else. I expect it could be.

Feeling low and depressed is very common when dealing with a long term illness. We have this additional issue in our lives which we have to learn to accomodate and often it means we can't live life the way would without the illness. Some days it may feel like an uphill struggle. That is normal! I'd suggest being extra kind and gentle with yourself. Spoil yourself with something like a warm hot water bottle, a good film and a warm drink. Remind your self how well you are doing in the circumstances.

Thoughts of death may be a normal part of life - death happens. But is can be an indication of deeper depression in which case you need to talk to someone about it and to get help. If you are feeling suicidal you can call the Samaritans at any time. They offer a completely confidential listening service. There are other sources of help from your GP, your local Parish Priest or other organisations on-line. Some times medication can help via your GP, it depends how severe your depression is. I have found at times writing to be very thereauptic - simply writing down how I feel and what it bugging me seems to help me cope better at times.

Hope you find the support you need.

thank you for ur advise, it helps talking to someone who knows how I feel ,crono pump is subcut infusion. My Dr is phoning me tomorrow hopefully go from there. I have also started a diary hope this helps . Thanks again 😊

That sounds good - one step at a time. We can't take on everything all at once, but with the best help available we can manage better and live this day as well as possible. When it feels too much it does help to know that other people are struggling and others have come through. Great that you've started a diary. Make sure to include some good things which have happened even if it is only that the sun shone!

hi thanks for talking to me and taking the time out of ur schedule.means a lot I gone back on my bulimar tablets there use for depression as well but takes time to work .had my 3rd chest infection since last month ,don't mean to come a cross so negative I really don't but its hard work when someone reports to benefits saying that u shouldn't get disablity I would get it if it was true u would be sick to make out ur sicker than u r but the funny thing thing is I don't know about u but I don't talk about any of my illnesses. So very grateful to u the diary has really really helped so thank you .so enough of me how have u been did u have a nice Xmas and nee year many thanks again some times its nice to know there's ppl who knows what ur going through and ur not the only one in the world suffers makes u think of someone else for a change than ur self .really hope ur ok have a nice evening

Thanks deedee Yes it can be hard when you feel alone and that no one else understands. I am fortunate that I have a husband who is supportive - he is retired which helps!

I find these days that professionals can be good but still don't understand how hard it can be just to manage day to day. I guess that is why groups like this one are so valuable. There are other people out there struggling just like we do. Maybe in different ways, but still facing invisible challenges. Hope that your medication does its work soon and you start to improve. It can be slow sometimes, but I am sure you will.

thank you problem is am getting infections all the time my consultant asked me to send spetum tests and every time I have had infection I had 3 since last month ,but I thought I know when I get an infection I mean I ve had to do iv antibiotics at home a few times now .so I thought I ll do ur tests I show u I know what am talking about . The thing is I might with my girlfriend s once a wk or every 2 wkd for a glass of wine or can be in for wks and wks at a time I don't go out apart from that cause am the only one who s sick or doesn't work. Like u said Dr s and other pros are goof but ur right they don't understand how day day things are so hard I don't know about u but say I think am having good day and I walk to the bank and shops belive me I change from hour to hour like washing ur hair or getting dressed. I also suffer from sleep walking I ve fallen down the stairs a few times nearly burnt the house down and been in the st knaked. That's one reason cant be left on my own at night. But also I haven't got a man in my life but I do have ppl that care for me my son and one of my friends. Thanks for listening to me it means alot ur right there is ppl out there like us and it is hard like u said but what's making things worse someone reported me saying I shouldn't get disablity I mean I have a drip at home all sorts I even phoned them to tell them someone was being nasty and they might do so.i don't know how long u been ill I was born sick I said u have to be sick to make out ur sicker than u are. What is wrong with ppl I never talk about stuff in public

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Ps also hope u have been doing better did u have a nice Xmas and new year and how u been getting on with ur self . Am very grateful for u listening to me means a hell of alot so thank u it has really helped me so thank u

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how have u been good I hope

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