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I’m really confused & don’t understand what’s happening. When I saw my consultant in April he wanted a bronchial challenge and to see him again in 3 months with a plan for injections.

In the mean time I’ve been referred for physio, I don’t know why or what effects it’s going to have?

I’m frustrated as in that time since April I’ve have 7 course of steroids & 4 antibiotics. I don’t understand what’s happening or what the plan is going forward until I’m seen at phyiso at the end of February.

I don’t know why I’ve been sent for physio and whether it is going to make a huge impact on my asthma control.

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I’d suggest ringing your consultant/asthma team and asking them what’s going on. Sometimes things either get ‘lost in translation’ between departments or get forgotten about (ie they think they’ve sent you for something but haven’t).

If you’re not under a specialist hosp then it could be that you’re currently on a waiting list to get to one, as I’m assuming they’ve suggested a biological injection but you can only get those from specialist centres.

The physio will help with any dysfunctional breathing pattern you may have picked up (which can worsen asthma attacks) and also ‘teach’ you the best way to cough etc, esp if you keep getting infections. Some people find it useful, others don’t!

Hope that helps a little and good luck with the phone call!

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