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nasal spray for dizziness/brain fog/visual disturbances/light-headedness


Dear all,

my doctor prescribed me with nasal spray (Corticosteroids), after unsuccessful antibiotic treatment, due to blocked nasal passage, the reason why I am getting dizziness/brain fog/visual disturbances/light-headedness (sorry, I dont know how to explain what I am feeling). Moreover, I was treated with asthma and sinusitis.

Do you think this is the correct prognosis and treatment for my dizziness. I dont like this feeling, It keeps my work on hold. Please help me guys. I cant even enjoy my life now. I feel depressed.

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I'm sorry to hear of your problems, but none of us are medically trained. so can't really help with your questions. The only suggestion I can offer is to go back to either your GP or consultant and ask for a change of treatment. Of course you could ring the Asthma UK free helpline. 0300 222 5800 but they are closed for Christmas between 4pm on 24th December and 9am on 2nd January.

however, if you live in England, Scotland or Wales you can also call 111.

Hi Casper,

Poemsgalore is right go to see your gp. But I can only give you my thoughts and experiences. I went to the doctor about 9 months ago because I too got headaches and dizziness Inc blocked nose etc. This went on for months I was given the nasal steroid. At first they thought it was a trapped nerve in the back of my head they even injected anaesthetic in my head to see if it work but no just got a numb head. Anyhow the steroid did the trick but did take about a week to clear and I carried on taking it for about 2 months. So the advice from a none medical person is yes I think it might help. Merry Christmas

Dizziness is often a sign of a middle/inner ear infection; it usually lasts 3 weeks. You could try travel sickness tablets (or other antihistamine), which might improve the symptoms (but check there is no interaction with anything else you're taking on

On the other hand, brain fog is a classic symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. Normally you have to have it for months before diagnosis, but I get this symptom for much shorter periods. It's associated with anxiety, depression and/or stress, and I shut down for a while - can't concentrate, get tired and irritable, etc. If it is that, then you need a good mental rest: try not to feel guilty about not doing things (most things can wait anyway), avoid stress (easier said than done, I know!) and gradually build back up. If you have a relapse, rein yourself in a bit and then start again more gradually; it should go in time. I used to get very embarrassed by it, but take comfort in the fact that it tends to affect intelligent people who care and therefore worry a lot. Time for you to take care of yourself!

So Sorry Casper_ghost21 To Hear About The Difficulties You’ve Been Facing, Have You Tried a Small Ceramic Burner, and Absolute Aroma’s Breatheasy Aromatherapy Oil. You Just Need To Get These From a Local Health Shop, But Not H & Barrett as I’ve Not Found Them Not To Sell Breatheasy. Just Boil the Kettle, pour in a Sml Amount of Water, Then Add 2-7 Drops of Breatheasy Aromatherapy Oil & Pour on a Little Bit More Water To Release the Aroma More. Put it in Your Room at Night, i Donit Works Wonders for My BreathingI Say 2-7 as it Says 7 on the Box, Which Costs £5.49p and Aromatherapy Bottles are Very Small, And i Was Using 7 Drops, But Honestly, I Found I Didn’t Need That Much, You May Need 7 for Now if the Blockage is Really Bad, & Try Using Steam & Not a Tealight Candle Underneath it, as it Might Make You Start Coughing, It Did Me, I Only Use Steam & The Oil.

Or You Could Use Just Use Vicks Vapor Rub, in a Bowl Of Boiling Water & Cover Your Head With a Towel,’the Vicks & the Steam Should Give You Great Relief & Help Your Airways To Stay Open!

As You Say YR Depressed Which is Quite Understandable, When YR Feeling So Poorly & Not YR Sure Why, it Can Be Pretty Daunting! But Take Heart, It Also Could Be Caused By Low Blood Pressure? Because That Causes Many of the Symptoms You’re Describing or Maybe You’re Suffering from Vertigo? Which Also Causes The Symptoms You’re Describing, And May You Need To Take Cyclizine or Some Other Kind of Medication To Control the Vertigo? If You Find You Have it, Try the Steam Bowl or the Oil Burner & Oil First Though, Then If Not, Get Your Blood Pressure Checked At Your GP’s Surgery, If That’s Fine, Then Inquire of Your GP If You Might Be Suffering From Vertigo, it’s Worth a Shot!

Hope This Helps!

Just a warning to be careful with oil-burning and with Vicks and steam inhalation if asthma is known or suspected. A lot of oils set my asthma off and I know others have the same, though some people are fine with it and some oils are fine for me. Personally I also find steam and Vicks make it worse though some people are fine with that.

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