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I've been off work with pluerisy I'm also asthmatic . I had two weeks of pred, completed them on the Friday and then was admitted to hospital with pluerisy two days later. It's been nearly two weeks and I feel better other than shortness of breath.

I'm concerned that f I get out of breath it will trigger the pluerisy again. Any advice would be great ??

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Hope this helps:

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Pleurisy can’t be caused by asthma, however having asthma can mean your symptoms are more severe.

Here’s some info on what causes pleurisy, but it’s typically caused by an infection. Being short of breath is a sign of an issue, not a cause!

Hope this helps and that you’re feeling better - if you’re still SoB despite finishing all the relevant med courses (steroids +/- antibiotics) I’d go back to you GP for advice x

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