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Alternative to Fostair?


Hi all, I've been experiencing an asthma flare up for two months, and my Fostair was increased to 200/6 1.5 months ago. In addition to chest tightness I'm now experiencing chest pain. I suspect this could be down to the Fostair though I'm not 100% sure. As I'm also experiencing shaking hands and jittery-ness (very sure this is the Fostair) I thought I could ask my GP to try me on a different inhaler. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I try a non-steroid inhaler?

Thanks, Jess

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I’ve had no such effects with Fostair, tho it’s common with salbutamol. Your best bet is to talk to your GP about everything that’s worrying you - it might be some other issue entirely! Self diagnosing when you’re not a medic can be bad news. Mind you, there are lots of new medications which could be better for you. Best of luck!

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Thanks for the advice - I hadn't considered it could be the salbutamol. I have been using more of it these past weeks so my symptoms could well be down to that... I will indeed discuss it all properly with my GP.

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