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Asthma copd


Nurse carried our spirometry ordered by doc due to a few chest infections I had. I was still coughing alot the day I went and bringing up green. I had to use my blue inhaler as by the time I walked the fifteen mins to my docs I could not breath relieved it pretty well. When blowing into spirometry there was clear wheeze on my chest and nurse could not do reversibility portion of test as could not give me inhaler as I had taken five mins previous. 2 years ago had normal spiro now nurse is saying showing moderate obstruction. Freaking out now I have copd. Chest x-ray normal. No longer have cough with mucous just sometimes dry cough

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She actually shouldn't have done the spirometry, I was due to do one last week but because I'd had my inhaler 2 hours before hand we wouldn't have been able to do the reversibility part which is the most important, I would ask for it to be done again

I am due to have it done again on Monday but so nervous now. I had such a bad chest that day I really could hardly breathe

There's a whole list of do's and don'ts before the spirometry have you been made aware? Try not to worry but I would certainly wait until your chest is clear of infection before doing another one

COPD is sometimes misdiagnosed because the symptoms of eosinophillic asthma are very similar. My GP said I might have COPD but it was subsequently confirmed by a Consultant that I actually had eosinophyllic asthma. Like COPD, obstruction can occur with asthma so until you’ve had a Chest CT and seen a Consultant, don’t rush to any conclusions. Also, obstruction comes in various forms, mucus is one, airway remodelling another and so on. A bad chest Infection can even sometimes cause temporarily obstruction until the infection passes. Again, wait until a Consultant sees you and runs more tests before reaching any conclusions.

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