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Is there any regularity to your inhaler use?

My 8 year old has started needing his inhaler a lot, but it generally doesn't relate to what he's doing or where he is - it's the time. Every hour on the hour he has a tick like cough and if he doesn't get a puff of salbutomol he becomes breathless. Usually one puff brings relief, but at 8.30pm (on the dot) he needs 9 puffs to right his breathing. It's always 9 puffs exactly. If he doesn't go to sleep this repeats every half hour, but he's fine if he gets to sleep. Does anyone have any similar experiences of such regularity in their asthma?

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I would take him back to the doctor if I were you. Increased inhaler use is a sign that the asthma isn't under control. Hope he feels better soon. x


Yes he might need a steroid preventer. My 8 year old boy has asthma and takes the preventer (cleanup) twice a day. Salbutamol on its own doesn't work especially at the moment. Hope he feels better soon!


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