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Hi everyone well the time has come tomorrow I find out if I got a bed in hospital I’m praying I have I can’t take much more of this struggling all the time and stuck on nebs if I don’t go in there I will definitely b in local I have to give in getting to much now hope everyone doing ok take care

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Got my fingers crossed for you Tracey .,hoping you get the and and treatment you need.

Tracey1972 in reply to Pantani

Thank u I need it big time x

Fingers all X’d for you, hope you woke to good news this morning, if you slept at all xx

Tracey1972 in reply to Weeannie

Hi thank u it’s a waiting game got until 10.30 for them to ring me to let me know and as for sleep been awake all night again coughing and taking nebs but touch wood I b in today have a good day x

Fingers crossed and will be thinking about you at 10.30 am. Good luck xxx

Tracey1972 in reply to Karjade

Thank u got until 10.30 I’m just sat here waiting for that phone to ring x

Good luck x x x 🍀🍀🍀

Sending positive thoughts sweetie. You deserve things to go your way for once x

I hope you have a bed. Thinking of you.

Have you started any new meds some have side effects which could be coughing just a FYI

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