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Recovery time from an asthma attack (Tiredness)

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Hi all I know I have asked this question before but here I am again. Day 11 after my last asthma attack and 4 days after my last dose of prednisolone (40 mg). My peak flow is back to normal today being boring on 480 now 500. No other symptoms or in need of Ventolin just a bit of an ache but still feeling really tired. Still have a slight cough from the cold which trigger my asthma attack.

I eager like everyone else to get back to being normal again. Spoke to asthma uk helpline yesterday and they said it was normal to feel tired. Advise to just potter and take one day at a time.

I start the day full of beans but by lunch time I am really tired. Any one got any advice on how to deal with the tiredness.

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Hi, you sound as frustrated as me! Been on 40mg Pred since Dec 26 2017 with hospital admissions. Now tapering, 25mg tomorrow whahoo! No energy at all and put on weight. Not as breathless.

Once breathing stable I expected to feel better than this. The slow recovery is so frustrating and not mentally not good. Only advice, keep positive, it's an exercise in patience.............SO HARD.

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Hi JanJan4 I sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. I hope and pray you get off your steroid tablets soon. I know how you feel I was on them for 3 weeks last November and they gave me insomnia and made me lose weight.

I must admit forgetting what it like when recovering from an asthma attack. I think once I got over it physically ie. not taking steroid tablets that I bounce back.

Your right it is a lesson in patience and I not at all patience. I have to tell myself that the house isn't going to fall down and as look as my family is feed and water then they will be OK.

Thanks for the advice

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JanJan4 in reply to elanaoali

Wowzer elanaoali, you lost weight on steroids! I put it on even when not eating in hosp. I've put on well over a stone. It'll be the joy of Slimmers World for me when off them!!

Longer, lighter days ahead of us and it does help to know other people feel the same frustration.

Very Best Wishes to you.

Yes, elanaoali, we have had these chats before, haven’t we! It took me two months to feel normal level of tiredness, not the debilitating kind. But even after that I still noticed feeling a bit tired.. I am not looking forward to next time - bound to come. Then I will need encouragement in patience. I know that now.

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Hi Wheezy Cat Your right we have?! I am hoping and praying that it doesn't take too long for me to be back on top for.

Being there for each other what I like about this forum. Take care.

Hi Jan Jan 4 Yes I lost weight but muscle tone too. It was horrible I felt like I was being eaten. The weight lose didn't last and anyway I much rather lose weight by diet and exercise. Back to swimming, aqua fit and walking when I up to it. That's my way of losing weight and getting fit again. Swimming is great for my peak flow. Mine should be 420 but 500 at my best.

Hi elanaoali, we have more in common than our lungs! In my normal life I go to aqua aerobics twice a week and walk my cockerpoo (non shedding) every day.

Be huge effort to get dressed and drive anywhere at the moment 😲😂

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Hi JanJan4 Though about going swimming this morning got the pool and just sat in the car. Realise I was too tired and went home. Now sitting here figuring what I need to do today. This afternoon I going to do my regular pilates class. I know I can manage that. Tomorrow I going to do my aqua fit class.

Hopefully next week I can go back to swimming. One day at a time.

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JanJan4 in reply to elanaoali

Hi elanaoali, so incredibly frustrating and upsetting when the mind has to accept the body's not up to doing what we want it to do. I had a weepy moment this morning, think I felt sorry for myself! Come round now. Recovery is sooooo slow.

I usually go to pilates, I feel a difference when dont do for a while, like now 😂. Enjoy yourself this afternoon. You'll feel better when you leave than when you arrived. Sun shining through the window today, lovely. Jan

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elanaoali in reply to JanJan4

Hi Jan Jan4 Thanks for the encouragement I did enjoy myself this afternoon at my pilates class. I walked there and back a 20 minute walk either way. I now really tired but triumphant that I did it. Tonight I don't have to pick up my daughter from guides she is a young leader. I lift share with a friend of mine. So I only got tea to do.

I hope and pray you feel better everyday. Here is a big hug from me.

Hi there,

Prednisolone can really mess with your insulin response, which is why people put on weight while taking it. And can make you feel tired. It may be worth, checking your glucose response. Also particularly try not to have a lot of simple carbs in middle of day. Which can help.

Also as per always it takes me 8/10 weeks to recover from a bad episode of Asthma, if my lungs were in full protest mode it can be even longer.

I am using a book called the “Personalized Diet “ by Eran Segal and Eran Elanov. ( 2 Israeli doctors). Any way this Prednisolone effect is one of things they mention in the book. I am not overweight, but trying to optimize my nutrition for my marathon effort, so working out what to eat when, is very helpful. It’s so easy to overeat when you are training because you are “Hangry” all the the time. You can get the book on kindle/ download.

Anyway it’s something to try

R x

I’m always tired most recently this past year, well from the end of 2016 really. And I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. I’m having a go with a CPAP machine. But I’ve heard it can take months to really kick in. Maybe just get tested?

Oh! I didn’t mean to dismis the steroids. Since I have anxiety and depression, it’s really horrible. It seems as if they’re almost last in line here tho, unless in case of infection. So, sorry about that

It's annoying but reassuring to know this is the body telling us it needs to heal. I have been annoying mine lately! Or rather ignoring mine so the tiredness is a ploy to slow me down! I try to eat well, drink lots of water and have a few early nights. I work full time and by the afternoon I feel exhausted. I suppose its a kind of post viral fatigue which thankfully doesn't last if you are patient and rest. I love running but nowhere near ready to resume. I walk my dog daily, have tried some home Pilates(YouTube video) and next week will try swimming. Also not packing my weekends off with lots to do and no down time. Gently gently, not going to run before I can walk... Sorry for the pun!! Take care

My advice is listen to your body. Quiet your mind by reading to divert your attention away from your physical tiredness to prevent frustration developing (which for some of us can be more pronounced after steroids). Your tired for a reason. Your breathing may be ‘back to normal’ after being bombarded with drugs, but your system needs to recover now.

thanks every one for your advice. I am today feeling much better and have been to aqua fit today. My Peak flow is at 460/500 and my cough from my cold has nearly gone. Roll on 13 th February when I have my breathing test. Have a good weekend all.

Elanaoali, I feel your frustration. I had a severe asthma attack on new years day, my peak flow dropped to 140 (normally between 450-500) i had 107 nebulisers and was admitted into hospital for 17 days. It is now 22nd May and I am still not recovered! I am so fed up and frustrated. I am normally fit and healthy and compete at an international level with Karate. I am struggling to train now adays. I have loads of triggers, smoke, perfume, sprays are my main triggers. I am on ventolin, spiriva respimat, relvar, montelukast, avamys nasal spray and phyllicontin aminophylline. I feel I am just not improving, there has been no change over the last 3 months. my peakflow has improved but has stayed between 340-380. It has made me feel so low.

I am so sorry to hear you are struggling. I know what it's like to go from being fit to being a blop. There is hope because I am back to on being ok. I am now doing swimming, aqua fit twice a week and pilates and my weight coming down.

Only thing I can't get rid of the acid reflux so back to the doctors.

I pray that the doctors find a way to get you back to normal. I pray for patience in the meantime.

I think prednisolone itself, as well as asthma, hits your energy levels. Take it easy for a few days and don't go back to work till you feel more like yourself.

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