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Hi all just checking in on everybody and making sure ur all doing well , me not so good coughing and breathless on nebs really need my bed in the Brompton I emailed them today to c if any sign of a bed and waiting for a reply so hopefully not to much longer well hope everyone else doing ok going try and get some sleep as didn’t sleep at all last night due to coughing and tonight not looking to promising either. So going say goodnight and sleep tight

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Hope you are feeling better very soon. I'm due to go to Brompton on Friday for 7-10 days, subject to a bed. Take care xx


Tracye, seems like you are in hospital more than out? Does stress affect you ? Is your husband gone now ? Soooo very sorry ! 😘


Just try and keep warm as it is freezing outside. It must be so distressing for you feeling like this and hope you get a bed soon. Maybe your doctor can push it for you. Please take care and we are all thinking of you xxx


Just a matter of waiting for a bed to come free I have emailed bed manager , got local hospital today for something else so got go out in cold a friend coming with me catching two buses but we wrap up hope u ok like to say thank u to everyone for the support x


Hugs going your way Tracey

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