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Exercise and eosinophilc asthma

How do you cope exercise wise if you suffer from eosiniphilic asthma?

Prior to being diagnosed I was very fit but not anymore- need lots of pred to do a circuit class. I used to run a lot but not now - after a short distance I struggle for breath. I have just had my first course of mepolzumab.

Today I had to do a bleep test for my job (bobby) to level 6.3. I only just made it - in the past it was not much of an issue. I have a few days of public order training to do now - I think this will be the last time I do it because I am 45 and have this condition.

Somebody fitter and younger can do it.

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I was a bobby also when I was diagnosed with eosinophilic asthma but now retired. I did continue to go trekking and canoeing and enjoy as much outdoor life I possibly could. I'm now 72 and four years ago I climbed mount Snowndon and at 64 I climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco 4000 metres. I continue to keep active despite frequent exarcebations. I'm now on my 9th mepolizumab. My aim has always been not to allow the said illness overtake your overall enjoyment in life as difficult as it may b at times. Hope that is helpful.

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Hi Josephone

How do you rate Mepo as far as your personal Respiratory Health is concerned?

I’ve recent declined any of the Biological Meds (for the time being at least) and elected to stick with Pred Bursts, pending further Asthma Review in 6 Months.


My eosinophils have gone down significantly so therefore lung and airways inflammation has improved. I do however continue to get chest infections but they don't seem to b so aggressive and neither do I have to take so many pred. to get the inflammation down. My review to determine finally whether mepo is beneficial to me will b in June.


Thank you. Appreciated.


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