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Beginner runner with Asthma

Hi, I am now on week 5 of the couch to 5k and up until now, I’ve been ok with my asthma and been able to pace myself. My lung capacity is certainly increasing but now I’m running for longer and the runs aren’t comfortable anymore. I take my steroid inhaler twice in the morning and twice in the evening and if I need it during the day. I want to be able to do my runs without feeling like I can’t do it because I’m going to be wheezy but I don’t want to take any more of the steroid inhaler. Any tips? Thanks!

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Hi Jennyb2017

Welcome to the forum, there's lots of runners with asthma on here who can give you advice on what works for them. Here are some top tips about running especially as the weather is getting colder: bit.ly/2reRaUA and some videos from our sports Therapist James to help you,

Hope that helps,



Hi Jenny

You possibly / probably have exercise induce asthma EIA. Unfortunately just like other types of asthma EIA is different for everybody.

There is quite a lot of information online so firstly get searching.

I think the warm up is critical, slow build up to not trigger asthma or after the warm up if you have tightness stop and let your breathing and tightness recover totally before exercising.

Your reliever is important for EIA. it takes 5 mins to fully start working. I dont take my inhaler before exercise but most people do (remember at least 5 mins before)

I use my warm up to mute the affects of my EIA but if I need it I take my inhaler and minimise my effort until its kicked in, sometimes I need two puffs.

From my experience if you are struggling dont try to push on or push through, it will make it worse. Slow down or stop until you are fully recovered then you can carry on at a good pace again.

Dont give up there are loads of us with EIA find your own level and keep excising.

Good luck




Sorry I should have said I know it’s EIA! Diagnosed last year just wanted some tips on how to manage breathing during running.



Hi Jennyb2017

There's also a parkrun group for people with asthma, that might be helpful for you: bit.ly/2hPC1Dp




Taking your steroid inhaler prior to runs

will not help

You need to try taking 2-4 puffs of your

ventolin inhaler prior to exercise


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