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Bronchoscopy and bronchial washout

I have had difficult to control asthma for the past 18 month which seems to be allergy related to lots of this and have recently been seen by a consultant who told me that I need a bronchial washout and bronchoscopy, plus a ct scan, I've already had blood for IgE testing but not had the results. She feels it might reduce the hypersensitivity.

The thought of the bronchoscopy fills me with dread has anybody had experience of this and has it helped?

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Hi there, I have had 3 Bronchoscopies. All as day procedures. They are not too bad. They give you quite a lot meds, but you are sort of awake. They do the bronchoscopy with you sitting up. The worse bit is the stuff they spray your throat with before they put the scope down. Afterwards you sleep off the meds. They let you go home when your O2 levels etc are okay, you will need to be collected by someone. If you are not okay they will keep you overnight. I felt a bit unspecial on the subsequent day, but overall not too bad. They may ask you take Prednisolone and antibiotics before the procedure.

Hope this helps and you get some results

R x


Many thanks. It's the being sort of awake bit that I don't fancy think I would prefer to be put right out! However if it does sort it out it's a small price to pay. Will let you know how I get on. X


Ah good luck! Is this to clear everything? I have allergy asthma too that I cannot control!! X


I think the consultant feels it would help with the hypersensitivity and that they would look at the eosinophils and cells. At the moment the asthma is behaving itself but I'm constantly aware of possible triggers and trying to avoid them which as you know is not easy.


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