Does this sound like exercise induced asthma do you ?!

Hi all, I Am looking for some advice ! I have been exercising for 2 years straight & I also powerlift but have recently completely quit being physically active due to some repository issues I've been having and I'm hoping someone could offer some input so here's my story... in June of this year I had been exercising in my basement and after I was finished I came up stairs to clean my home & as I was cleaning I noticed I was very short of breath ( which is unusual for me) so the next day I went to the gym for a training session with my coach and after I had finished bench pressing I got up and 2 minutes later it felt as if I could not breath at all .. it felt like my air was just switched off and I was gasping for air and It took about 20-30 minutes to completely ease off. So throughout the summer (it was very hot dry dusty summer) I had the shortness of breath and a tightness in my chest that felt as if something was restricting my ability to take good deep breaths of air in. Just felt like it was hard to breath in general. I also sometimes get a very unproductive cough and also sometimes a whistle noise will appear when I try to breath out hard or the whistle sound can be heard in my cough as well. I've been struggling with this all summer and I'm waiting to see a pulmologist for further testing but does this sound like and exercise induced asthma to anyone ? Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated !

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  • Anyone ???

  • Sounds like it could be, but you need it properly diagnosed. Have you seen your GP? They are normally the first port of call.

  • Not that I am an expert but it does sound like that's what you have. Need to see gp or asthma nurse for review

  • I agree. Check with your G.P. Breathlessness on exertion can be many things, maybe a full health review will help pinpoint the cause.

  • Hey thanks for the replies everyone ! I appreciate it . I've been seeing a pulmologist but he's so busy it takes months to get a test unfortunately but I have had an x ray a ct scan blood work & they have ruled my heart out completely which is good ! He's doing the methocholine challenge in a couple weeks but I'm a little nervous to have it done. Anyone have any advice on that test ?

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