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Asthma and Statins

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Just read a somewhat Scholarly 2015 Article on the well respected NCBI Website, which included discussion of the possible benefits of Statins for Asthma Suffers.

The Article is long and very detailed and should be read in it's entirety to obtain the full picture.

That said, the impression I came away with (so, my understanding only) is that the anti-inflammatory benefits of certain Statins, particularly at higher dosages (at least 40mg) may well offer benefits to at least some, if not all, Asthma Phenotype Suffers - particularly over a longer timeframe.

Please note that I'm not suggesting you immediately ask your Doc to put you on Statins, but - if you have the time and patience to read the Article Mentioned (in full) you may conclude that Statin Use is worthwhile, at which point a chat with a GP or Consultant (armed with the article link) may prove fruitful.

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I was put on Statins when they first started; all I got was terrible pains in my legs.

I then added Q10 as advised in Canada, that didn't help so I stopped.


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