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Asthama or Anxiety disorder

Hi,I am 16 year old male. My current symtoms are Short of breath , no wheezing but a sound when i inhale or exhale ,body weakness and numbness . And these symtoms are accompained by Anxiety symptoms as well. I feel like i am dying or pass out. I call my parents to go out for walk or doctor its like panic attack . And its come and goes. When i hold something it feels very light and feels i will die. Body feels very weak when walking and still when writing this.

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Hi there

Sorry you are feeling so bad. Welcome to our Forum. As we don't know know you it's impossible for us to give an opinion on whether you have asthma or not. However, why don't you make a GP appointment and see what your doctor says. There are some basic tests that can be done to see if you have asthma. But whether you have asthma or anxiety you should get some "in person "help and not rely on the internet.

I do hope you feel better soon



At 16 you should be full of life .

This definitely sounds like you have anxiety problems , and need to get this sorted .

You haven't been experimenting with recreational drugs have you ? That would certainly explain the symptoms you describe .

If you have , the obvious course of action is to stop .



It is very hard to distinguish between asthma as when you struggle to breathe, anxiety sets in and it's a vicious cycle. Definitely see your GP. I do have asthma but I also get anxious a lot. GP referred me for respiratory physio. It helps you to distinguish the difference between the two.


Try to use your Rescue Inhaler consistently for about 3 days and see if there is an improvement. Be calm and avoid triggers.

Its sometimes a cart before horse issue:

Being anxious can get you an asthma attack. But also an asthma attack can get you anxious.

Classic Asthma may have wheezing. Cough variant asthma may show with coughing.

However Bronchospasm itself can happen minus the two; and a reduction of air getting in will lead to the kind of weakness you feel.

While you are at it; check out for any Rhinitis in case that sound is from your upper airway. You know the airway is ONE continuous tissue starting from your nose till it gets to your lungs. An allergic response in the nose CAN trigger a bronchospasm.

I advise people with sound to confirm if its from the chest or upper airway by holding the nose and breathing out briefly through the mouth to see if the sound is from chest or nasal congestion.

Finally, rule out Acid Reflux (GERD or Silent reflux) and look out for Ear congestion which can make you feel drowsy or off balance yet its due to inflammation in ears.

The important thing is to understand your body. Listen to its 'alarm systems' and get the true meanings of the messages its sending. Doctors are not with you 24hours a day, so they will go mainly with the symptoms you tell them to reach a conclusion.

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