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New guy here

I'm a55 yr old that was born ,I'm told ,with chronic bronchitis.only seemed to be an issue when I caught a cold. Some years ago I started waking up at night with several asthma like symptoms if I didn't have a window open or if I overheated my self while hiking trying to push the.limits of my physical endurance.I've never went to a doctor with this (hate doctors),a as a child we never went unless we got a leg cut off .lol.but on a trip to Mexico learned that I didn't need a perception to by a variety on medications over the counter and picked up some albuteral inhalers which have been a blessing and I never go anywhere without one.now I I've been ordered to spend 30 days in the county jail and I'm very apprentice about this as they won't allow me to have my inhalor.and I know how these people are that are in charge.they get to you as they see fit which generally takes awhile not to mention getting someone's attention to call a gourd when all I can do is gasp for air.how concerned should I be that this is potentially a life threatening situation?thank you

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Yes. If you have asthma (you have never been properly diagnosed) than it can be life threatening, though mostly isn't.


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