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Can u get pain in middle of chest with yourban asthma I woke at 6 this morning with really bad pain in middle of chest it woke me up it was that bad inhaler helped a little just wondering if anyone else got this xxx

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Yes, for sure. However, I'd get it checked. The chances are it's muscular or something similar, but don't take any chances!

I do have fibromilga and costchondiritis so not sure if could be this also xx

I'll be honest & say I don't know a great deal (by which I mean absolutely nothing) about those conditions! But I'd always get an unexpected pain checked out, especially if you have chronic health conditions.

Had this pain before but ain't woke me up before and just been told it can be my costchondiritis but to me it's not which I said but there suppose to know better if happens again I'll be seen different doc but think more gastric pain but like yourself unsure xx


I get pain in the centre of my chest and have panicked before that it's heart related but it turned out just to be my asthma hope this helps x

I would say that if there are no asthma symptoms then the pain is not asthma related .

It may be something as simple as indigestion -

I also have acid reflux and quite often I get the pain in the middle of the chest. Also feel breathless with this as well. Reflux can mimic asthma symptoms but I would get it checked out by your doctor if I were you xx

I think the same as ther person who mentioned Acid Reflux.

In serious reflux, stomach acid can flow into the lungs and cause bronchospasm.

Have yourself checked and if it is reflux, you may notice an improvement on anti-acid like Magnesium-Aluminum tablets etc.

Its also interesting: in my case pains that may have felt like I was getting a heart attack may also go away. Severe chest pains and lung irritation.

When I'm going to wheeze it usually starts as a pain down the centerline of my chest front, and sometimes down the middle of the back as well. Then it spreads out.

If a puff of ventolin knocks it down in 10 minutes then it's most likely the broncospasm/wheeze.

But if it is completely unusual for you, and if 2 puffs of ventolin do not help in 15-30 minutes, then you need to call a health care professional.

Had really bad chest pain awhile ago. Dizzy and lightheaded. The severity of it made me think that I could be having a heart attach and not just my asthma. Took an Albuterol nebulizer treatment. Didn't help. After about 10 minutes called for an ambulance. By the time they got here was doing better. They checked an EKG and oxygen and all okay. Really scared me. When it happens now, just take a treatment. So hard sometimes to decide what is really wrong.

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