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Anyone on mepolizumab?

Hi everyone,

One of our teams at Asthma UK are putting mailing pack that we send our supporters annually to thank them for their donations and let them know the difference their money is making.

They really want to include a short story with a quote of someone that is receiving Mepolizumab treatment- as this is one of the great successes donations are making possible in supporting research into new drugs, and allowing us to campaign to NICE to approve drugs such as Mepolizumab which has the potential to transform the lives of so many people with some forms of severe asthma.

We would like to call just to ask a few questions about their story and how being on Mepolizumab is helping them – of course they would get to see the leaflet and be happy with it before it goes to print.

If this is you, you can PM me or drop me a line at aghosh@asthma.org.uk



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