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beconase nasal spray caused my nose to block

Hi, I have had a blocked nose for the past week or so and now causing me to feel out of breath.

The blocked nose started after I decided to try beconase nasal spray to see if it reduced a scratching sensation in my throat causing me to cough lots (I thought I may have had nasal drip), unfortunately it didn't help however it left me with an increasingly blocked nose. The annoying thing is I don't have a runny nose nor did I before I started it and in fact I feel worse.

Has anyone else experienced this ?

Should I preserver with the nasal spray?

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Hi there, you are right a scratchy throat and cough can be caused by post nasal drip, but can also be caused by acid reflux. Firstly, I would go and talk to your doctor about this.

However if your nose is now feeling blocked I would try saline rinsing. You can buy a Neil med kit in boots and give that a try.

You can also have blocked sinuses without a blocked nose, so it maybe that now the mucus is starting to move that your nose is blocked.

Saline nasal rinsing is a bit of a pain to do, and requires a bit of perseverance, but it was recommended to me by one of my asthma consultants, and it really does help with post nasal drip.




Hi there I just saw this post about Neil med. I have been advised to do this but was unsure about the distilled water and where to get it from. What do you use? Thanks


You don't need distilled water. You just need boiled cooled water. Freshly opened bottled water also works if it is ph neutral. But that starts to get expensive. The important thing is to keep the bugs out . Good luck, as said before, it's a bit of a faff but worth persevering with. However do it more than 2 hours before you go to bed.

To unblock your nose you might try Otrivine Nasal spray. (Xylometazoline hydrochloride) there other brands as well. You can buy this over the counter. It's really good, but you shouldn't use it for more than a couple of weeks at a time without seeing a doctor as although it works really well it can cause problems if you use it for long term periods. I use it when I have a cold to unblock my nose about 30 mins before I use my steroid Nasal spray. This was recommended by my ENT specialist . He called it rescue inhaler for the nose .



If you bought an over the counter med then using for more that 5 days can cause a rebound effect so you end up in bigger trouble. It sounds as if you're having the same issue with beconase so it's going to mean a trip to the doc to suss out and get a remedy. Also as risabel mentions you could have something entirely other going on so do go get some professional advice.

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Thanks for your advice tried omeprezole incase of reflux didn't do anything. The asthma nurse said to try a steroid nasal spray incase of nasal drip. I've given up with the nasal spray at least I can cross it off a list of things I've tried. I'm loving Vicks at the moment, hopefully my nose will unblock soon .


Hi, try this....

Take a pot full of hot water, and while it is still steaming, inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes. You'll feel your nose imbibe the warm moisture, and may even start to drip a little - keep some tissue handy. After that, go to your bathroom sink and blow your nose. Pinch one nostril and blow out the other and vice versa. Repeat a number of times until you feel no more water coming out, and wipe clean with tissue.

Don't expect any miracles, it's not going to cure you instantly, but will definitely give you relief. It needs to be repeated a few times during the day to really give permanent relief, maybe once before bedtime, once in the morning after breakfast and if possible once in the afternoon. And if you do need to take any medication for your blocked nose, take it after you take the steam.

Best of luck, and hope you get well soon.

Update: Though your post is six months old, still my answer may be useful for others with the same problem.


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