Gravity of asthmatic attacks

ln the past my asthmatic attacks were preceded by mild coughs but in the past two months it has changed to some choking coughs without warning .What do you think that is responsible for this and how can l get rid of this kind of attacks?


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  • Hi there, welcome to the Forum. There are lots of really knowledgeable people here, who give great advice. I would say that it's terribly difficult for anyone here to give advice about a cough, as we don't know you personally.

    If you are coughing a lot then it is possibly a sign that your Asthma is not well controlled, or that you have something else going on. I would definitely make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible


  • Hello Risabel,

    Thank you so much.

    l had been to the doctor and had been on admission thrice in the past two months.And on a weekly appointment until the last clinic when I was given a month appointment which is late August .The doctor says l have a bad asthma.l had used predinisolone for too long and now on aminophylilne. After the usual treatment l will have less attacks but after a week the condition relapses.

    Though in the past when l was on regular daily dosage of predinisolone the attacks were less later it appeared it wasn't effective.

    Nonetheless, l will go back to the doctor.

  • So sorry to hear that you have been so unwell. Are you already being seen in a tertiary level Asthma clinic? If not I would ask your doctor for a referral to one next time you go. It may be that they can pheno type your Asthma and get you a better mix treatment, also do a Ct scan to make sure that there are no other problems.

    There are a lot of great new medications available, also I take almost all my medications off license, as prescribed by my grumpy but good😊consultant, and current cocktail is working well, but no GP could have prescribed this mix.

    I would give the Asthma U.K. Helpline a call the nurses are really good and can definitely help you navigate the system.


  • Hi Risabel,

    Even though l am new to this forum l feel so glad to be part of this community and l really appreciate your concern.

    l am currently receiving treatment at Medical Research Council.(From the month of June 2017 precisely) I have the preventer(becotide inhaler) handy nebulizer (which has been very helpful in stemming down critical attacks) and ventolin inhaler.l was also given the Peak flow meter to monitor myself. The highest peak achieved is 300 and the lowest 100 .l look forward to your support.

    l will also show my doctor the chat.

  • Hi Risabel,

    l was at the hospital yesterday but l saw a different doctor not by my own arrangements but according to the Hospital's routine for outpatients.Though the history of my asthma management was with her.

    After explaining all my conditions which included feeling itchy inside and outside the body some evenings .She advised me to keep off cold weather and get underwear sweater on all the time to keep me warm and to watch out for whatever precedes the attack and avoid them as they may be the triggers. However, she prescribed cetrizine for me to take morning and evening. But between the use of the 1st dosage at 7pm yesterday and now l have had to nebulise 3times and used the inhaler once( 2am, 8.03am and 9.00am).

    I didn't show the doctor my chat with you but l put the ssuggestions to her.She said she doesn't think there is an underlying problem that l should watch out for the triggers.

    Honestly, l will be very grateful if you can help discuss my issue with the Asthma UK Helpline as it will cost a fortune telling them all from phone here. Unless there is a way l can connect them through Yahoo messenger or whatsapp.

    l will be 57 in December

    l was diagnosed of asthma 2010.

    I really appreciate you and others on this forum .

  • Unfortunately you can only use the help line if you are in the U.K. But the cost in the U.K. Is only a local call cost.

    However, the Asthma nurses are live in the Forum on 8th of august, and if you post your questions to Dita, the moderator I am sure they will do their best to answer them.

    I can't really say what is best for you, but if you are having to use your nebulizer so much, your Asthma is not controlled.

    I also couldn't possibly phone the help line for you as I don't know you and it wouldn't be right. All the advice that I give here is generic or based my own experience.

    And you need to go back to the doctor asap

    Also I see that you are using beclomethazone & Ventolin and a nebulizer. It sounds as though maybe some of the other add on treatments that are available might be helpful for you. I will list them in the order that they are normally prescribed and added in. depending on when control is gained. Also you should know that there are quite a few different preventers available. Some available as generics

    1. Montelukast ( e.g. singulair)

    2. Combination inhalers

    ( long acting beta antagonist & inhaled steroid, examples Seretide, or Symbicort or Fostair)

    3. Long acting -muscarinic antagonist, LAMA ( brands include Spiriva respimat)

    4, Theophylline ( brand names include Uniphyllin)

    5. Long term oral steroids, Prednisolone.

    6. New Biologics. ( but prescriptions for these really depend on blood and allergy testing to see if they are suitable for you and are normally only prescribed from a tertiary asthma center

    Additional add ons depending on triggers, might be a steroid Nasal spray and or acid reflux drugs

    Finally you need to work out what your triggers are, all the common triggers are listed on the Asthma U.K. Web site

    I do hope you feel better soon


  • Oh, thanks so much Risabel for all your useful contributions .l thought from one of your contributions you mentioned that you could help calling the helpline but since it's not going to be possible l will try all my best to reach the nurse by posting more information about my case.

    ln addition, The MRC here is a research centre from the UK so l can liase with them to import some of he prescriptions not readily available in the Gambia.

    Above all, l thank you once more for your support.

  • Hi do you have any reflux or throat issues along side the asthma? It could be a separate issue that is aggravating your asthma.

  • Hi Janet2017

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your asthma is being aggravated so much by coughing. There's some information on our website about symptoms and making sure you have a management plan and know what to do when your symptoms are getting worse.

    As mentioned on the thread, do give the specialist nurse team a call on our Helpline on 0300 222 5800 (9am - 5pm; Mon - Fri).

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Dita,

    l appreciate your contribution. l have gone to the website and downloaded the action plan which l will check after my mail to you.Also, I will call the nurse next week.

  • Hi Dita,

    l found the plan is going to be very useful. Though the doctors here told me something about plan but l never knew it should be like this. Thanks for this.

  • Hi Janet2017

    Great that you've found it useful. Here's what we suggest to talk about when you are talking to the nurse and reviewing your asthma.

    Discuss and have an updated written asthma action plan.

    Make sure your answers to your questions and concerns.

    Knowing what medicines to take and why.

    Feeling confident you’re using your inhaler(s) and spacer in the right way.

    You can also reach the Asthma UK nurses team by email:

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Dita,

    Many thanks for all the useful hints .

    Please l want to know when the nurse will be on chat tomorrow .

  • Hello Dita,

    l have problems submitting my questions. l think it's probably due to the fact that l am outside the UK. Is there any other way out please?


  • Hi Janet,

    You can submit your question to the nurses on this thread in the forum:

    Are you having problems filling in the email form on the website?



  • This is just the same thread l have been using to reach you all.So, how do l get the questions to the nurse and not the community ?

  • Hi Janet,

    If you fill in this form on the website, you'll be able to email the nurses directly:

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Dita,

    That's the website l used in the morning but when l submitted, it put an incorrect mark on the field containing the phone no.

    Let me go through it again.l will get back to you. Thanks for caring.

  • Hi Dita,

    l had filled the form again but my phone number is tagged incorrect.

    Hence , submission was impossible.

    What can l do please?

  • Hi Janet,

    If you supplied your email address then the nurse team should be able to email you back.

    They aim to get back to you within five working days.

    Hope that helps,


  • l did.


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