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Asthma and Cats


I've become really allergic to my cat (non asthma), so the long-term solution will be for my family to move to a new apartment and my sister to move to a studio apartment in the same estate or nearby, so I can continue taking care of my cat (I'm okay as long as I wear a face mask). The thing that troubles me is that my sister supposedly had asthma when she was a child (no symptoms since she was a child). I heard that childhood asthma can come back in adulthood.

Does anyone here with asthma have cats? Is it dangerous? How have you managed to make it work?

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Cats have been the biggest cause of my Asthma for some 80 years, my family always kept cats; BUT when I went away to places without cats I immediately improved.

How dangerous it is depends on the severity of your Asthma.

I just don't get anywhere near cats.

I have a cat and wouldn't be without her. However before I got her I "borrowed" a friends cat to ensure I wasn't allergic to cats!

If your sister hasn't had any issues since childhood she is probably ok. Especially if she has visited people who have cats without any problems. Triggers for asthma can be so individual so really depends on her.....


Hi it is the animal dander which comes off an animal which is the cause of your problem. You can buy something from the vet to spray on your cat to stop this, or at least slow it right down.

I will have a look to see if there is much info online.


Our daughter loves cats, is asthmatic and generally allergic and has a cat. As she grew up (she is now in her thirties) she realised she had a problem with cats, but being without wasn't an option for her. Eventually she and her partner managed to buy a retired (from stud) pure bred Siberian Forest Cat which are supposed to be less allergenic, though it isn't quite as clear cut as all that. For her it has worked, she can roll around on the floor with this cat and no problems, and they have had him for some years now. (They got him cheaper as he was retired from stud, though he was still quite young, and since then it would be hard to find a more spoiled and pampered cat!)


Hi river_valley

There's some information about cutting risk to animals and pets if you've got asthma here:

Asthma can come back in adults later on in life, there's more information on spotting symptoms here:

Hope that helps,


Cat dander gives me severe asthma. Sorry. I hope you and Sis will be fine.

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