New Asthma Nurse


i'm new here.

I have moved house and seen a new asthma nurse whom has totally changed my asthma plan. I am now confused.

Does any one know what the percentages are for when to change to the different traffic lights on the asthma uk asthma plan.

Currently my best peak flow is 437 in the green, amber is 350 and red is 250.

I do not think the asthma nurse has a clue or perhaps the guidelines have changed and I am wrong.

I am currently sat with a peak flow around 300 but no asthma symptoms and not used blue inhaler in over a week now.

Am I really meant to up my preventer inhaler when I have no symptoms other than a lower peak flow?

It really seems crazy to up preventer when i have no actual symptoms just a lower peak flow reading.

Thank you in advance - either asthma nurse incorrect or guidelines have changed?

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