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Hayfever question?

Hi all.

I have a question for hayfever sufferers out there. My question is who takes steroids for it out there?

I am currently on fenofexadine 180mg X1 in the morning then was on an over the counter loratadin (spelling!?!) in the evening (have also tried the cetrizine combo also) on the advice of my doctor to try & avoid steroids but she has now given me a prescription to pick up for a 5 day course of steroids as still suffering. Don't think she was happy when I said my throat feels like it's closing & keep having to clear my throat now which she said is triggering my asthma. I'm new to the whole asthma thing still as only 'officially' diagnosed in the last month.

What she didn't tell me was what exactly I'm picking up & why a 5 day course. I understand they don't like giving out any type of steroids but what happens after the 5 days. The hayfever won't miraculously disappear (I wish).

Sorry for the long message & know it may be confusing (as I am confused). I am quite sensible so will obviously speak to the pharmacist & read side effects etc but just looking for insight from people who already experienced this.

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Try to Chlortrimeton (chlorpheniramine maleate). I had hayfever over the years I never found anything as effective as that. Takes 15 minutes. Don't let the stories about drowsiness dissuade you it is way overblown, and you get used to it. Some caffeine will help. Takes 15 minutes to work (on the regular 4 hr tablets)


I use Beclometosone nasal spray, which is a corticosteroid, but doesn't seem to have systemic side effects


Hi there, bad hay fever is miserable. I think your doctor is trying to damp down your allergic response with the 5 day course of steroids.

There are some other things that help! Dymista Nasal spray is good, that is a combination spray with steroids and antihistamine. There are also lots of other steroid Nasal sprays. Use Otravine 20 mins before Nasal spray to dry up nose. (Only for the short term) you can buy this off the shelf in boots. Also you could ask your doctor if you can try Singulair which is a Montelukast, and works in a different way to antihistamines and steroids to damp down allergic response. Although this drug takes a while to work.

General things I do, include Changing clothes when I come in from outside, and washing my hands and face, always wearing sunglasses outside, smearing the inside of my nostrils with a tiny bit of Vaseline to catch pollen . Keeping windows shut at night

I also use Neil Med nasal rinsing regularly, and that helps too

If you are really bad you could ask your doctor to refer you for a course of desensitize injections, but it is probably too late this year




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