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Worried Suffolk

My Grandson has had continuous catarrh from about 1 year old it is constant and requires a nose wipe every 20 minutes or so he also has a loose cough. Anti biotics do not cure this although they do lessen the coughing somewhat. Doctors do not seem worried about this but it is upsetting for the child and mother to have a constant stream of green mucus from the nose. We wonder if this may be a symptom of asthma.

Elaine Barker

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It could be Allergic rhinitis. Has the mother asked about allergy testing?


Hi Bacerole,

There's some information on the Asthma UK website about possible asthma symptoms in children and diagnosis You can also call our expert nurse helpline on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) for a chat.

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My little grandaughter got through endless boxes of tissues and then, when she was just over 2 and a half, it just cleared up. No idea why. She doesn't seem to have asthma, though her breathing was a bit laboured with a constantly runny nose. Just one of those things, apparently.

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My Grandson is now three and a half and it is a really nasty runny nose. Thanks for contact anyway.


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