Survey on inhalers - tell us your thoughts

Hi everyone,

Do you have your inhaler routine sorted, or do you often forget to take them? We know that life can get in the way and make it difficult to keep on top of your asthma medicines, which is why we’ve created a new survey to find out more. Tell us your experiences today:

By filling in the survey, you'll help us understand what information and advice we need to provide to help other people with asthma and I'll feed back with the results in a few months.



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  • I have to say, I think this is a big issue for people with Asthma. And its not just about the inhalers.

    My medicine regime is really quite complicated, as there are so many different drugs involved. I currently use 3 inhalers and 1 nasal inhaler, 1 antibiotic, Montelukast, Antihistamine, Proton pump inhibitor every day, then add on to that the Nebuliser and Prednisolone when sick. All of this is for Asthma!!! I keep on discussing simplifying things, but the drugs I would like stop and those that my consultant wants me to take don't match.

  • Similarly I'm on 3 inhalers, 1 nasal spray (which swaps to steroid drops when required), montelukast, a mucolytic, an antihistamine, uniphyllin, prednisolone (dose dependant on health) and adcal-d3 and omeprazole when on pred. I also have home nebs when required. I have pill/pumps for the morning, pills for mid-day, one pill which is every 12 hrs then pills/pumps for the night. It's confusing and frustrating having to remember them all. When I was just on pumps it wasn't as bad (just morning/evening/as required) but now I feel like I'm constantly popping pills and the one I find the most useful (uniphyllin) I can often forget/take late due to the 12hr thing. I'm hoping to reduce the amount of meds soon (trialling Xolair injections) however I quite agree that it's not just the inhalers to think about!

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  • Its not only inhalers in question, but also the the medicines play their role. Anyways its Done!!

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  • Hi risabel59, EmmaF91 and HannahForever

    Thanks for your comments, I'll pass onto the team so they are aware of your experiences.



  • I always remember the morning medicines/inhalers but am supposed to take Seretide in the evening as well and this is the one I forget sometimes.

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