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Repeated chest infection

My name is obaid from pakistan, karachi when my daughter was 15 days old she start cough and take fast breath after some 15 days she admited in hospital and diagnose phenomena now she is about to 6 month and admitted in hospital for 3 time in this period but the problem is still i have done her many test like ECO,ECG,SWEAT CHLORIDE,ELECTROLIDES AND MANY BLOOD TEST OR XRAY but all test result are positive she takes milk and cerelec in very few quantity she dont want to take milk or any other food item now i am very about her diet,health and specially cough plzz give me some advise to control repeated chest infection,cough and fast breath thanks

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Hi how awful to be going through all this with your little daughter. However this is an asthma site, has she been diagnosed with this?

Also there are no medical professionals on here and even if there were it is beyond the remit of this site to give medical advice.

I take it your daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia? Well it will take time for her to get over it and that's to be expected. You are better off directing your questions at your doctor or the hospital. Sorry I can't help you.

I wish you all the best.




Sorry to hear that your daughter has been so ill . Pneumonia is a very serious condition and is quite different to asthma , and although the symptoms might appear similar the treatment is also different .

Unfortunately we are unable to give you advice here because none of us have enough knowledge of your daughters condition . I do know that everyone will be sorry to hear of your little girls illness and will be praying that she gets well soon .


At 6 months old it will be very difficult to work out the full extent of the problems as she won't be able to describe accurately how she feels. As others have said, pneumonia isn't asthma - there is another forum on HealthUnlocked for the British Lung Foundation (BLF) & there's likely to be more people there with experience. However, most will be in the UK & so might not be very knowledgeable about how your own health system works.

Many of us on here have had very poorly children & many go on to become strong and healthy as they grow up, so I wish you luck & hope she recovers well.


Hi, Obaid, I've been through many chest infections with asthma and the type of asthma I have is more a condition of the bronchioles and causes me inflammation and infection frequently in the brochioles of my lungs. I don't know if you can gain access to any physicians from India, but they treat this the best. I have one that now practices in the US and he keeps me alive, but it's a fight. I do have to limit my dairy and milk intake at times because it produces extra mucus in the airways. I do know that the LABA type of airway dilators do not work well for this type of condition for it actually makes breathing attacks more frequent and severe. The best treatment for this condition is coritcosteroids and the steroids of medrol and dexamethasone know under the trade name of decadron. They've administered decadron to me since I was a young baby.

Also, know that children with these conditions can be allergic to many thing including milk, eggs, nuts, yellow dyes, aspirins, NSAIDS, and other wheat based products.

Cystic Fibrosis at this point needs to be ruled out as well. I've lived 31 years with this and I've been in and out of hospital with chronic lung infections over my life and held my on for years in between. Know that the best antibiotics to kill pneumonias are known by infectious disease doctors and requires a culture grown in a lab of the bacterium to identify and test it against the various anit- bacterial drugs ( antibiotics) to see which one will kill it. Pnemonias are bad germs because you must get every last bacteria or it will re- infect if the exact correct antibiotic was not used and killed all of the germ causing the disease. This is how we've built antibiotic resistant infections and pnemonias in the last few years from doctors using the wrong antibiotic or antibiotics being used for viral infections. Your daughter needs allergy testing preferable though blood because skin testing is dangerous for patients with respiratory distress and problems breathing as bad as this. It's hard to treat patients this young because most drugs to open airways are not studied or safe in children younger than 2-6 years of age.

Your next step is allergy specialist, pulumonology (lung) doctor, infectious disease doctor ( doc specializing in the identification and irradiation of chronic/ recurrent infections and knowledge of bacterial and infection management), and ENT ( ear, nose and throat) to see if any of this is causing sinus to lung drainage issues.

I hope this helps. My physician has many contacts internationally and Pakistanian physician that knows him delivered me in the US and they understand my breathing issues the best and it does run worse in certain ethnicities than others.

Your in my thoughts and prayers.

You can message me on here directly as well if you'd like numbers or contact to any other physicians that may be able to help your daughter.

The right doctor is out there they can just be hard to find.

Best inhaler for breathing attacks to bronchitis and pnemonia is Pro- Air- available all over the world under original trade name and made for three different age categories.

I was in the trial for this wonderful inhaler and it works.

Sorry everyone acted like asthma and lung infection does not go hand in hand because it does. Note it is hard to diagnose asthma in children and they can out grow it in some cases. Have faith she will get well and try the specialist I suggested and I here for support.

Thanks for posting.


My name is obaid from pakistan, karachi my daughter is 10 months old.

anybody can tell me nabulize with normal sline 0.9 sodium chloride is good for her health or not if i nabulized her on daily basis at one time only


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