Having a rough time they thinking I could of been having the start of a heart attack or angina and thinks I have pluracy or bad infection had really bad chest pains going into my back as well in agony ecg shows somethings going on I'm so worried waiting to go down for a scan and X-ray never been so worried in my life had loads of tears it's a wonder not a flood il keep I updated

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  • Oh no. I'm so sorry. I hope they have cought it, and can treat it. Thinking of you.

  • Thanks I'm in so much pain

  • I wish there was something I could do.

  • Thanks nothing anyone can do I all alone here as well no family coming in got a few friends said they would pop in

  • I hope they do.

  • At least you are in the right place and they have picked it up before you discharged.

    Thinking of you. Let us know how you get on.

  • Will do glad I wasn't at home

  • Bless you! Try not to worry too much as they are probably giving you the worst scenario. Please let us know what is going on as we are all worried about you. Big hugs to you Tracey and keep strong xxxx

  • Stay strong tracey1972 least your in the best place good luck and plenty of rest x

  • Oh Tracey. I'm so sorry. I hope the scans go ok.

    God please be with Tracey at this upsetting time and help to heal her.

  • Amen

  • Amen to that too and thank you God that you knew that Tracey needed to be in hospital to pick this up. I will be praying for you Tracey and asking God to give you peace. You are on my pray list

  • Seen docs today and there thinking not the heart but bad reflux but worried as my heart still racing bad and that's with no nebs either sobdoubg more ecgs today and wants to work out how to slow it down had another turn today very tir d and back still hurting bad with it all x thank u for the suppoettt won't bbfoegotton x

  • Hi Tracey

    I have a heart attack type symptoms with Reflux. I also have very bad back with pleurisy. Also I have had racing heart after too much Salbutamol inhaler. Please try not to worry, I know it's easy to say, but the more you worry the worse you will be. Keep us all posted thinking of you.

  • Pleased it heart ruled out reflux can be a basket, i suffer terribly and not sure if thats making my asthma worse x. Where abouts are u im north east, x

  • Hi in south west, wiltshire I'm in it can make the asthma worse I'm afraid nice to meet u

  • Gosh Tracy, it never rains but pours. I do hope you are okay. I do hope the scans etc are not too serious and they can get things under control. And that you get your room back. I expect you are wishing you could cuddle your dog.

    Chin up, at least you are in a hospital without having to rush back.

    R xx

  • Hope you soon feel better tracey and they get to the bottom of this sending lots of hugs xxx

  • How are you now? Good that it wasn't a heart attack. Gosh, things do keep happening to you at the moment. Hope you manage to get some rest, and as others have said, let us know how you are doing. We are here for you.

  • I went home Sunday but back in today with another attack so back to square one again x

  • oh dear. Have they any idea what is causing so many of these attacks? is it worth doing your allergy tests again, or doubling your antihistamine? Have they checked your bloods for antibodies? Reason I say this is that I had mine recently investigated, as I have chest infections about every two months. It turns out that I have an Immune Deficiency Disease. I don't make antibodies. They found out when they repeated my Pneumovax, and I had built up little immunity.

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